2014 Corvette Stingray Comes to Gran Turismo 5: New Screenshots & Video Released

The all-new car will be available to download free from the PlayStation Store on January 15, 2013.

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IAMERROR1740d ago

I'm staring to get next gen vision, thought the title said Gran Turismo 6 lol

Riderz13371740d ago

I love how they did that short history lesson of the Corvette. I was never a fan of the Corvette because I never liked the way it looked but I have to admit this one looks like a beast.

sikbeta1740d ago

Nice car, though, they screwed the back of it, no Vette lover wants the freacking tail lights of the Camaro FFS! >:(

Allsystemgamer1740d ago

Actually the rear o the vette was the part I liked the least.

MizTv1740d ago

I love free
And I love this game

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