DICE '08:Resistance 2: Ted Price Interview

Gametrailers: Imagine the possibilities of 60 person online multi-player!

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Darkiewonder3945d ago

Should be DICE and not GDC.

nicholascage243945d ago

thats now being said by TED HIMSELF in the interview

Time for VGCHARTZ to update their figures

ssj123945d ago

@nicholascage24 - no, VGChartz tracks sold to customers. Ted is stating what has beem sold to retailers.

longduckdong3945d ago

doing the interview? He was an ass. He obviously didn't care much for Insomniac

Iamback3945d ago

Guy on the left(taller one) is Ted Price, president/founder/owner of Insomniac....yeah he obviously doesnt care about his own company.
Go to bad kido

Shankle3945d ago

Oh you utter fool lamback....

jack who3945d ago

imagine the possibilities of 60 person online multi-player?

boring big world walking round 4 hours be4 u see anyone....wooohhh hooo

possibilities imagined

ruibing3945d ago

Unless you are one of those people that plays alone in an online server to improve in rank, I really doubt you should have anything to fear. The new release should have over three million users by the end of 2008.

Da360sucks3945d ago

dont be mad because
your lagbox cant get 32 player multi-player
without it frezzing

nicholascage243945d ago

will easily sold over 5m in 2008 alone

It could even be 5 m each in europe alone

resistance 1 sold 2.5m ( still selling ) to a userbase of 6 million

By the time R2 is launched PS3 would be having a userbase of around 23/25m

By the time KZ2 is launched ps3 would be around 18m/20m

so expect both R2/KZ2 to sell in heavy quantities worldwide PLUS PS3 has gained steam and a lot of hype.

MGS4 ,GTA4,GT5 prologue will massively boost PS3 HW sales. This large userbase will benefit the sales of KZ2 and R2

ssj123945d ago

ever play Battlefield 2? 64 man game there? there is never any silence or end to the battles. No endless walking unless your stupid enough to spawn 5 spawn points away from the action.

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Iamback3945d ago

I loved question about killzone 2 vs Resistance 2, and Ted gave great answer. No reason to panic, if it happens(never will) fine, great, but these two games only thing they have in common is that they are FPSs.
All Sony needs to do is to have them apart for 45 days and both will sell great. For example if RE2 is in mid November, than release KZ2 in kid September or end of September.

beavis4play3945d ago

i'd like to have 1-2 months apart but if they launched on the same day.

TwissT3945d ago

Good stuff can't wait till Resistance 2 comes out. NATHAN HALE!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.