5 Reasons Why Total War: Rome II Could Be The Best Game Of 2013

WC: Nine years ago the Creative Assembly team released Rome: Total War. It has gone on to become one of the most critically acclaimed and bestselling PC strategy games in history. Despite having brought out several more Total War games since; Rome is still considered to be the best by many fans of the series and for years they have been calling for the sequel. Well it’s finally been announced and Rome II will be released towards the end of this year.

With many new features having been introduced in the previous few games, the Total War series has progressed and become better with each passing year. Rome II will combine the advancements in technology made in the last decade with the new features that the Creative Assembly team have introduced to the Total War series. This, combined with a 40% higher budget than normal and the fact the series is returning to what is undoubtedly the most exciting and interesting period in history, looks set to make Rome II the best Total War game ever and – possibly – the best game to be released in 2013.

Read on to see 5 reasons why Rome II will be so good.

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