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Ninja Theory thanks raters and haters alike ahead of DmC: Devil May Cry reviews

Ninja Theory has bowed out for the week with a series of air-clearing tweets, thanking both fans and the more restrained breed of critic for their input. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PS3, Xbox 360)

Gohadouken  +   710d ago
They should , the whole "war" made the whole marketing of a game that otherwise would barely get noticed :p .

Everything is not lost however , sales will speaks volumes in the end
dirigiblebill  +   710d ago
Just like they did with Bayonetta.
NewMonday  +   710d ago
the intense fan scrutiny is the reason the game is turning out decent on it's own.

the problem here is that Capcom is experimenting with an established game with a hardcore fanbase who have a set of expectations, they want to cash in on them but also get more from other gamers who were not that interested, this never works, it always ends up with the tradithional core hitting out , from RE6, FF13, to SOCOM and Dead Space.

publishers need to stop taking the easy and cheep option, if this and RE6 were new games or reboots of other charecters like maybe Strider or Dino Crisis it would have released without a dark cloud hanging over it and gave Capcom new franchises and new fans instead of replacing one set for another.
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MikeMyers  +   710d ago
People should voice their concerns but do it a constructive manner. What they shouldn't be doing is bothering those who may enjoy the game. We also don't need people egging the DMC fans on that may not like the new game.

So far reviews are looking very positive but I imagine the focus will then shift to sales.
onyoursistersback  +   710d ago
Who cares?!? Why are you and other people giving them attention over this....?
josephayal  +   710d ago
Amazing Game 10/10
I believe DmC will do fairly good, like 3.5 or 5 Million Copies sold, Ninja Theory did a really good job
Mocat  +   710d ago
5mil this aint cod
hulk_bash1987  +   710d ago
Id be surprised if they break 2mil lifetime sales. I'm sure it will be the best preforming ninja theory game but that is not saying a lot, and only because its an already established franchise. These are some bitter ass people because their last 2 games didn't meet their sales expectations.
thaking155  +   710d ago
Thanking everyone until the game doesn't sell enough then that's when they'll go to blaming the fans and the controversy.

Haha Oh Ninja Theory!
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elda  +   710d ago
I'm loving the outpour of great reviews & loving the fact the haters can't TAKE IT!!! It's good to know my money was well spent!!
Summons75  +   710d ago
Yeah funny how reviewers give it praise but everyone in the general population hates it especially once the demo hit. Sure only proves reviewers can't be taken seriously. Major sites worry about add revenue so they can't piss off publishers and small sites want to become bigger sites so they make good reviews to make themselves look good.

I've worked with a small site before and quit when they told me to write a good review despite a game being absolulty terrible, just like this game. Horrible design, bad combat and platforming, horrid writing. Yet people want so hard to be noticed they will lie about. Look at ign and how many good reviews they give out and how many of those games they end up bashing the next day.
TheBlackSmoke  +   710d ago
Yeah "everyone" in the general population.,,, cos we know that's not completely pulled from your ass right?

Sorry but a few thousand entitled brats on the internet does not equal everyone. Its the same with the "everyone" on internet "OMG LOVES" bayonetta "BEST GAME EVARR"....yet no one bought it.

That's the reality of complainers, they are always the most vocal, but dont get it twisted there are plenty of people and yes people who actually have played dmc from the beginning who are willing to give this new game a shot.

What your saying is that people who are interested should trust the opinion of those who have HATED on the game from the very first trailer over an entire industry of people who critique games for a living, and you wonder why no one's listening to you.
AKS  +   710d ago
"horrid writing"

Were the previous DMC games known for their great writing?
Blacktric  +   709d ago
""horrid writing"

Were the previous DMC games known for their great writing?"

They aren't known for being marketed as having a great and serious story that turns out to be horribly written either. Get your facts straight before acting like a smartass for your own good. Previous Devil May Cry games never had a serious story and developers and marketers knew it and intentionally focused on gameplay in promo material. NT decided that their reboot will have a great and seriously written story while preserving the core of what Devil May Cry stood for, used it in marketing a lot and they failed at both.
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AKS  +   709d ago
Then why was writing just listed in the post I replied to as something Ninja Theory did poorly if that wasn't a strength of this series in the first place? You stating what the series has never been known for great writing in the first place supports my point, so thanks for backing me up in that respect.

The argument that NT's opinion about their own writing makes any difference is a weak argument. Are you going to claim that you were hanging on NT's every word about it having an epic story for the ages and then played through it and were disappointed with their embellishments? And a "serious story" about a guy flying around battling demons with a sword and pistols? Cool story, bro. Reading your comments is like watching a dog chase his tail.

A different developer had a different take on the series. If you don't like it, don't buy it.
Blacktric  +   709d ago
"Then why was writing just listed in the post I replied to as something Ninja Theory did poorly if that wasn't a strength of this series in the first place? You stating what the series has never been known for great writing in the first place supports my point, so thanks for backing me up in that respect."

So it's not right to call them on the mediocre game they have created because old games never had a good story while it was the aspect NT wanted to improve the most? Of course I have the right to call out on their own shortcoming after all of the talk about having a major focus on the story. Talk about being a delusional sheep...

"The argument that NT's opinion about their own writing makes any difference is a weak argument."

It's not just about NT's own view of the story they created. It's how the game's being viewed in the mass and social media. It's being touted as having a better story (which is unjustifiable if you look at what we've got) on top of similar (even faster according to some) gameplay when it delivers neither.

"And a "serious story" about a guy flying around battling demons with a sword and pistols?"

Thanks a lot for backing up my upcoming argument. A Devil May Cry game, reboot or not, didn't need a serious story. Story was always there to provide a reason for the action and nothing more. And even if they wanted to make a Devil May Cry game with a serious story, it was actually possible to do. The tone is what's important while style and the way it's being conveyed to the player being mere tools. You can tell most over the top story in a serious tone if you want to and have the ability to. NT and more importantly Tameem himself, although claimed it, failed to deliver it in every imaginable level. The opening alone is inconsistent with the overall tone of what they were supposed to convey. If you want a solid proof of all this, feel free to watch the Matrix or even They Live (both of which has the same exact theme and premise told and conveyed in a better and a lot more serious way) if you haven't already. And if you want to see what happens when you get caught up in between the idea of who to pander to (which is the case with DmC) you can always watch Star Wars prequels or any video game movie adaptation you can find (Silent Hill is a good example)...

"Cool story, bro. Reading your comments is like watching a dog chase his tail."

You see, this is why no one would want to take your opinion seriously. It's always easy to spew infantilizing crap like that after trying to write a paragraph long semi-intelligent rebuttal (which, unfortunately misses the point of my argument alltogether).

"A different developer had a different take on the series. If you don't like it, don't buy it."

Too bad we aren't living in an age where me not buying something won't be enough to stop the possible production of the follow up for such crap in the future. Stop telling people to stop voicing their own opinions. Not everyone has to share the same passion towards something. Especially when that thing is something as mediocre as DmC that's made by an arrogant manchild having his midlife crisis.
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zerocrossing  +   710d ago
Please stop trolling the fans, you mite like it and that's fine but others don't so unless you have anything constructive or useful to add, keep it to yourself.
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Perjoss  +   710d ago
Is he only allowed to speak if he hates the game? wtf are you smoking?
zerocrossing  +   710d ago

"loving the fact the haters can't TAKE IT!!!"

No, he can say watever he wants about DmC without being censored for trolling obviously, but I see no need to keep criticising those who don't like the game.
grayfoxx881  +   710d ago
Who the hell are you again? So if a comment is not constructive, people shouldn't bother even commenting? Please. Maybe you and several other "fans" should take that advice. All I see are the same pathetic people blasting a game they've played a DEMO for.
MikeMyers  +   709d ago
zerocrossing, maybe you should be taking your own advice;


This is the last response I will send your way regarding DMC. It is virtually impossible for me to keep up with you since you're determined to make sure you're heard about how you feel. I am not saying the game is bad or good either way until I try it.

If you're not happy with their direction you would be better off trying to contact them directly instead of flooding the forums to the point of spamming articles.
hulk_bash1987  +   710d ago
Good on them for making a game that is getting praise across the boards. Now lets see if they can finally catch a break and see some high sales numbers. (Even though I personally don't think they deserve it)
MilkMan  +   710d ago
I bought the game based on the strength of demo which was phenomenal.
This game will have high marks but if it doesn't sell, just jot this down as yet another casualty of the gaming industry but know that we are slowly sinking this ship.
You don't give great games, no sells.
These games are extremely expensive to make and if all these supposed gamers are doing is bitching and not buying this will be a massive loss for Capcom.
Playing COD over and over does not mean you are gamer.
Gamers play ALL kinds of different games, regularly.
If this fails in terms of sales. In the month of January with no competition in sight. This will be yet ANOTHER game that is added to the list of highly rated, low bought games. Darksiders 2, Max Payne 3 and now Far Cry 3.
TheEnigma313  +   710d ago
No matter how the reviews are, Hardcore DMC fans won't buy this. Our minds will not change. People who are buying this game, please stop trying to change our minds.

@ below- The fact that you use the word "haterz" makes your response null. It definitely shows your age and/or immaturity.
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BXbomber  +   710d ago
we don't care if ya don't buy the game, we could give 2 sh*ts i know 'm buying this 2mrrw. lmaoo ya haterz are too funny and sad LMAOO
Snookies12  +   710d ago
...If you're going to try and insult people, please at least spell right.

Just as you don't care if we don't buy this game, we don't care if you do buy it.
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vanethe  +   710d ago
seems to me the only ppl who are buying this game , are teenagers and ppl who buy every COD game ;)
castro   710d ago | Spam
BladerunnerZX  +   710d ago
The new DMC might be a good game , it just is not considered a true Devil May Cry by long time DMC fans.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   710d ago
I saw Adam Sessler's review on it, and I think he's the only one who rated the game honestly. Gave the pros and cons, valid reasoning, and ended with a 3/5. Which is what I was expecting, an average game.

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