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Just like so many contraversies in the gaming industry, in the end everything turned out alright, and Dante has been reborn and ready to expand the franchise even farther. Capcom’s upcoming reboot title ‘Devil May Cry’ is a tailored, exciting experience that fans of the series should be excited about.

Ninja Theory, the same company that brought players popular action-titles like ‘Heavenly Sword’, have developed a story-driven action title that delivers a solid gameplay experience. The reboot of the series was met with some strong resistance when Capcom first introduced the newly redesigned look of the lead protagonists ‘Dante’. Initially fans felt that the character looked a little to ‘Emo’, leading to some backlash from the community. During the game however the new design fits perfectly, and the ‘new Dante’ working inside the artistically beautiful level-designs make for a terrific pairing.

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