Black Ops 2 Tips and Tricks: Pistols

Today’s Intel drop is all about pistols. Why pistols you might be asking? Well pistols in Black Ops 2 have become much more powerful in comparison to previous Call of Duty titles. Swopping to a pistol is also faster than reloading any primary weapon, and it therefore plays a vital role in conflict. Many players have decided to stay away from picking a secondary weapon thus making it even more unexpected when you whip out your pistol and surprise you opposition on the battlefield. The question is what pistol should you be using? Well don’t worry that is all about to be uncovered in our in-depth coverage of pistols for Black Ops 2.

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KillerBBs1983d ago

The future of warfare is here. Navy Seals... Put down your p90s and trade it in for a pistol, shotgun or tactical knife!
Quick scoping snippers are being deployed through out the globe as we speak.

Who the hell was in charge of weapon balancing in this title! Fire her!

Choc_Salties1984d ago

Not a big fan of the six-shooters, but always a big fan of this series!

PandaMcBearface1984d ago

Holden is like the Pope of COD.

DesVader1984d ago

Agreed. Tips are great.

SolidStoner1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Aim - Shoot... miss.... camper from behind shoots you.. you die... :)

KillerBBs1983d ago

I find that with a client side servers: if you have a good connection you must camp because the hit detection is extremely poor.

If I have 2 or 3 bars I can run around like an idiot and get many kills.

This article is very informative but title should be "primitive warfare" if your going to have all these modern weapons being out preformed by a 6 shooter, pocket knife or a shot gun that has not received many design improvements since the wild Wild West.