PlayStation Store January Sale starts today

The EU PlayStation Blog is making the New Year just a little bit better by introducing the PlayStation Store January Sale. Between 9th January and 30th January the PlayStation Blog will be bringing some great deals on titles such as Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Mafia 2 and Borderlands to the PlayStation Store. New titles will be added as the sale progresses so make sure to keep checking the Blog for updates!

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HarryMasonHerpderp1957d ago

Pretty sure the January sale started a week ago.

sway_z1957d ago

Yeah, this is late for sure..even the link posted states 9th January on the

Welcome to earth :)

Cam9771957d ago

How this got submitted is beyond me.

cleverusername1957d ago

I wasted 30 seconds reading this!! I'll never get that time back!!!!

MarcoGT1957d ago

I always thought about buying Mafia 2 I played the demo but never bothered buying, I bought it for £10.79 or whatever on ps plus discount, very worth buying for this price, classy game.

GraphicX1957d ago

argh, even with a sale the PS store prices still seem tons more expensive than what you'd expect to pay for the game at a store. absolutely hopeless.