DmC Critics: "It's Good" DmC Fans: "Waaaaaaaaaaaah"

VGI writes..

"As the embargo lifts on Ninja Theory's new take on the Devil May Cry series, a quick Metacritic search herald’s high praise.

Critics, as of writing this, love it. It's westernised, sure, but its authenticity hasn't changed the formula into something unrecognisable.

With such acclaim, comes a salad bowl of disappointment Something the 'hardcore' fans are quick to respond to."

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j-blaze1835d ago

my god this is so stupid and pathetic, this guy needs to get a life!

Chris_Hyde1835d ago

Pot. Kettle. And Black. If you're going to criticise then fair enough, but at least state "why". It helps discussion and is the purpose of the Comments section.

pompombrum1835d ago

Well you just have to look at the title of the article to find a reason to criticize.

360ICE1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Who would have known that actually reading articles would involve *gasp* reading? So people will just look at the title and this process plays out in their head:

Title = provocative
Me = easily provoked, therefore provocative = trolling
Me provoked = me upset
Read article = negative, too upset.
Me upset = Me comment
Blame current state on article because:
Writer = Article
Article = Title
= Insult writer based on title of article

Sure, the article is light fluff, but if people actually agreed with it then they =/= upset and no insult to the writer would follow (probably), so it's kind of a double standard.

Me? No, this is me:
N4G article = write snyde comment

pompombrum1835d ago


Why would anyone want to read the article with such a title? Describing upset fans as going "Waaaah" makes the article writer sound like he's 10 years old.

360ICE1835d ago

By all means don't, but then it seems fair to also not make general comments that include the article and the writer.

DragonKnight1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

I read the whole thing, and guess what, the article is complete garbage. It's an article designed to insult people with legitimate gripes with the game. One could even say that, were it not for the fact we can see the pathetic grin of the Editor-in-Chief that posted it, Ninja Theory themselves wrote this piece.

Because hey, instead of coming up with valid counterpoints or attempting to have discussion and seeing all sides of the picture, why not use a website to insult people so that said people will visit said site and get said site more money. YAY JOURNALISM WORKS!

Self-important site downvoted.

**EDIT** HAHAHA! To show their schoolyard mentality, the author updated the post and used an out of context quote from my own post. So DmC fans, tell the truth. Do you really want someone like this Bill O'Reilly wannabe representing you?

Blacktric1835d ago

"Played the new DmC? Wondering how well it's fairing? How have the fans reacted to a radical over-haul of Dante's iconic look?

They mad bro."

This is the first paragraph of the article. So please, stop trying to act like it's a bait and switch type of article that uses the headline to make people read an intelligently written piece. It's a couple hundred words worth of biased BS that looks like it's written by an NT employee that specifically quotes comments of people who have no idea what the hell they're talking about while failing to give a proper rebuttal to people with actual concerns.

TheBlackSmoke1835d ago

This is no more biased then the hatred that has been spewed forth about it over the last couple of years. The way your'e reacting to this article should give you an idea of how we have to deal with your crap on a constant basis.

SilentNegotiator1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Those stupid fans.

Everyone knows that the only opinion that matters is that of the people being paid by the publishers to advertise the game on their site. THAT is where the most unbias of glorious opinions will spawn from.

gaffyh1835d ago

@VGI - You guys are digging a hole for yourselves here by purposefully insulting a segment of the gaming community. Also, there is a very simple way to destroy this article, and that's with one question; Who's going to buy the game, critics or fans?

If the fans hate it, then what's the point? With that said, I'm very glad that Ninja Theory STFU recently and let the game do the talking because it actually looks like one of the best games to come from Capcom in a long time, although that's not saying much,

adorie1835d ago

The title of anything should be indicative to what is inside,not some F***ing bear-trap with a steak in the center, to lure unsuspecting people into reading an article that reflects differently.

I think people lack the imagination to come up with a truthful title that is relative to the content it wants to lead you to.

You don't need to resort to sensationalism to get hits, you can be thoughtful, inventive, imaginative enough to lead people to your article without resorting to half truths and out of context trash.

XB1_PS41834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

I went on his twitter, the writer is a constant dick head.

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HarryMasonHerpderp1835d ago

Awww this guy is trolling all the DMC haters on N4G hard.

grailly1835d ago

I think, with all the trolling (ex)DMC fans spurt out, they deserve at least a bit of trolling in return.

StanSmith1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Totally agree J-blaze.

The author writes this article, taking shots at DMC fans and N4G users whining, then proceeds to whine about said fans while uploading their article to N4G to get hits so they get paid by their advertisers.

The site is a joke and should now be banned from here. Let see how far their crap little blog gets once they no longer have access to N4G. I'm not even a fan of DMC either, but played the demo for the latest outing and I could see how crap it was.

As for "DmC Critics: "It's Good" DmC Fans: "Waaaaaaaaaaaah", not only is this a childish title but something needs straightening out to these "critics".

YOUR opinion doesn't mean a damn thing. WE gamers buy the games. We are the ones who make a game a success or not because we buy them and don't get them for free. Who do developers turn to for opinions on sequels? Gamers! Not critics.

It's about time that these critics get of their damn high horses and stop acting like they're so important in our buying decisions. If i see a game that I like the look of, I'll buy it. I don't need so over-opinionated arse telling me what I can and cannot buy with my hard earned money.

DragonKnight1835d ago

Yeah, I don't know who approved this but I'm reporting it as Lame because it's not news, it's just an insult piece. Since when was N4G a site where "journalists" could post their schoolyard B.S.?

creatchee1835d ago

You do realize that a good number of game critics are gamers too, right? Just because they are given a forum to give their opinion does not mean that they are any less of a gamer than the rest of us.

Also, the purpose of review is to give an opinion as to the quality and enjoyment of a product. This is not exclusive to the video game industry, as you may well be aware. Reviews do influence people. Reviews are SUPPOSED to influence people. A writer who is voicing their opinion without the intent of having the reader agree with or at least understand said opinion is not a very good writer.

That said, yes reviews matter. The funny thing is, when our expectations of a product coincide with a reviewer's opinion, you don't hear the incessant whining like you do every day on this site and others - you get happiness and rainbows. Nobody is angered when we get what we want.

DragonKnight1835d ago

@creachtree: Sorry but, reviews don't really matter as they are far too chaotic to be an effective gauge of anything and there have been many stories of "bought" (not necessarily meaning cash) reviews out there. I mean, Call of Duty is essentially the same game every year and yet every year it receives rave reviews. Then you get exceptionally good games getting poorly reviewed and it turns out that the fans word of mouth saved the game from being doomed to obscurity. Numbered reviews are pointless and cause a lot of division.

StanSmith1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )


Of course they're gamers. Doesn't change the fact that I buy the game so their opinion doesn't mean jack. Also, just because they have an outlet to voice said opinion, doesn't mean that they can become holier than thou to other gamers.

Also, if reviews are influencing people's buying decisions, then they're sheep. Simple as. Review scores mean nothing. Never have. It's the content of the games that matter. If you think it's something you may like, then buy it. Anyone buying games just because some person with a blog said "10/10 buy, buy, buy" are spiting themselves.

Reviews stopped mattering when the reviewers started hyping up games in previews for months/years until release, only to trash them when they release. They have no credibility anymore.

As for "we" being happy when a game gets good reviews, nope still don't care. Like I said, if I like the look of a game, I'll judge it myself from gameplay videos. From their I can decide whether it is a full priced, on sale or not at all purchase. I've played games long enough to know whether I'll like a game or not. I don't need some random reviewer to make my decisions for me.

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Cablephish1835d ago

I lol'd when I saw your comment in the article. 2funny.

torchic1835d ago

just because they called you out ahaha

dedicatedtogamers1835d ago

Critics also said RE6 was amazing, and that ME3's ending was epic.

And those are just two recent examples...

Halochampian1835d ago

RE6 received pretty mediocre reviews.

And most reviewers said that ME3 was amazing but the ending was disappointing.

So those were two bad recent examples

Nimblest-Assassin1835d ago

This guy is still updating this article, hell even you got mentioned j-blaze

DragonKnight1835d ago

Hey j-blaze, this scholar of an article author posted your comment in his flamebait article. You should be proud man.

thaking1551835d ago

Really, I can say this to the guy who wrote the article.....

You're Fat and Balding: WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

It's not that good. DmC is literally a mix of Heavenly Sword and DmC. Primarily a Heavenly Sword clone with different elements added in.

The Slow/power stance (R1) aka Demon Stance (Press and Hold in R2 in DmC)=Heavenly Sword
The Speed stance (L1) aka Angel Stance (Press and Hold L2 in DmC)=Heavenly Sword.
Where in the originals, pressing a button had that primary weapon chosen and you used and in the middle of a combo you can press it at the drop of a dime and continue the combo rather than in DmC where you press and hold and just "Chain combos together," Aka Button masher. The automatic launcher and the lack of a lock on button.

They added the enemies where they raise their weapons and before they attack the weapons shine . You know where that came from Heavenly Sword, not Devil May Cry. QT Events came from Heavenly Sword and God of War NOT Devil May Cry!

You say they can traverse the landscape with the angel weapon and bring enemies to you/go to the enemies. I say that is a Nero element of the Devil Bringer that does not suit Dante. Gave the guy unlimited air time, which in previous games the air time could be extended but not unlimited! Devil Trigger and powers are just awakened but yet strong enough to **** ****** (Spoiler) Hmm doesn't even make sense because in DMC 1, He was fully developed with his powers and **** ******.

VGI1835d ago

I prefer the term "Rotund" and "follicly challenged".



thaking1551835d ago

Hahaha Nice!! I give you that one guy!


Mounce1835d ago

I agree with you j-blaze and also want to point this out....

DmC Critics and DmC fans? As if the original series was called DmC.... DmC is the Recent games' name while the predecessors are Devil May Cry or DMC really....

This guy wants to cause a flame war, it's not really commendable or brave, just stupid, of course.

That and the nonsense that is, he says Fans of DmC are whining about DmC? How can a Fan(Person who is a fan of a game) whine about a game they're a fan about? It's clear that if people dislike a game, they are not fans of it....So correlating DmC Fans and a response of 'WAAAAAAAAAAH' is a bit illogical, no? :P

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VileAndVicious1835d ago

Have to admit...this was a little....mean. lol

andshesays1835d ago

it was obvious this game was gonna get a great review, I loved the hold Devil May Cry, but im liking the style and the direction this DMC is going, great stuff

Ezz20131835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

i didn't play it yet
but they way it look and they way dante look
don't feel right with me
and the way he say F*** alot and i mean alot
make me feel bad of what they have done with DMC
that's not dante i used to love and care about in ps2 era

i don't know about the story and the Gameplay look alright
so i won't jude story and gameplay yet
but i don't have much faith in those too

JasonXS121835d ago

Shut up the DMC articles. I don't think anyone cares anymore.