Gates of Memories is coming to the Wii U

Gates of Memories is an action RPG that’s coming to the PC and Mac, and the developers have confirmed that a Wii U version is also set for release via the eShop. For the moment though, there’s just some prototype footage after the break.

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Godchild10201981d ago

Very Interesting. The art style and the environment looks amazing for the direction they are going with the look.

I would love to see how they take advantage of the Gamepad and if there is a story to go along with it. A story can make or break this type of game.

neogeo1981d ago

This is a bit to early to get any idea if it will be good.

exfatal1981d ago

looks cool, hopefully it turn out well. Like the way she jumps lol, unnecessarily fancy but cool non the less

WiigotU1981d ago

I thought the same thing lol!

r211981d ago

Agreed, looks very interesting. Another wii u game to keep my eye on.

YoungPlex1981d ago

Great news! Keep the games coming...

ChickeyCantor1981d ago

The jump is so from the new unity3d engine lol

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