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Submitted by Godchild1020 1119d ago | opinion piece

$400 price point for next PlayStation, Xbox consoles

Gamesindustry Writes: October launch for PS4, next Xbox in November, suggests Baird Equity Research

Having spent CES "with a number of companies involved in video game development and distribution", Baird Equity Research has suggested that new console hardware will retail for $350-$400 in the US.

While not a huge difference from Xbox 360's top end launch price of $399 for the 20GB unit in 2005, it's a significantly lower price than the two PlayStation 3 models that launched at $499 and $599 a year later. (Next-Gen)

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jujubee88  +   1119d ago
Kinda curious
This has to be the first rumor I have seen about price for next gen consoles.
morkendo23  +   1119d ago
if this remotely true Sony has indeed learnt their lesson.

350-400.00 about right.

Everybody Win!!!!
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seanpitt23  +   1119d ago
If this is true dont expect to much for your money the specs would be shocking at this price everybody are expecting it be awesome just like a modern pc not a chance at $400.And I don't get people who are willing to pay $600 to $700 for an iPhone but only want to pay $400 for a console that comes out once every 6 or 7 years is beyond me.
Tonester925  +   1119d ago
@SeanPitt23 Apple has grasps around everyone's throat.
Sevir  +   1119d ago
even if its $400 i believe most are grasping for straws
The PSVita is far more remarkable than the PSP and the Vita launched $50-$100 dollars more than the original PSP and look how much umph t has.

remember that these are consoles, Even with off the shelf parts as PCs they already spank the PS3 and Xbox 360 In performance and they have to contend with memory hog OSs like windows and apps running in the back and viruss slowing down the performance. A console at 400 bucks with off the shelf PC parts will have 98 percent of that ram for games and total optimizations that will already put these new consoles in the runnings with High end PCs because they won't have their ram being eaten up like general purpose PCs.

And the process for these consoles will be far more streamlined. I'm hoping Sony goes a bit further and launches at $450-$500. With 500 being the premium edition with a bigger HDD, while $450 Being the standard.
decrypt  +   1119d ago

"remember that these are consoles, Even with off the shelf parts as PCs they already spank the PS3 and Xbox 360 In performance and they have to contend with memory hog OSs like windows and apps running in the back and viruss slowing down the performance. "

Thats not how PCs work. Most of the load when playing games is placed on the GPU. Most PCs come loaded with 8 GB of memory these days. The OS barely takes up a small percent of that.

PCs are equipped with quad core CPUs these days. Which is more than enough to keep the GPU well fed. As long as the GPU is isnt wasting cycles there is no way the OS can hog it down.

If consoles were so efficient they would surely be beating 4-5 year old PCs. Which they dont. A Dual core PC equipped with a 8800GTX will run circles around current consoles and that setup is already 5 years old. If consoles were so efficient theyd surely beat this setup but till date they dont.
nukeitall  +   1119d ago

I don't know if Sony learned a darn thing seeing how the latest gaming hardware launch went with the PS Vita at $250. That's excluding a way overpriced piece of memory card that is kind of crucial to have!

Actual facts beats rumors in my book!

Personally, I would like the price point to be around $400-500 for a low end model. That is some wiggle room to include some awesome technology like Kinect 2. Something to really drive support for the device as well as give new ways to interact with the game similar to the Wii U's tablet controller.

Otherwise we are going to be stuck with controllers forever. Let's move gaming forward!
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BitbyDeath  +   1119d ago
Crysis is still the best looking PC game and that came out 6 years ago. Consoles don't need the latest tech to outperform PC. PC will be pushed further once the new consoles release.
user3915800  +   1119d ago
Wont happened, 1 thing is for sure, prices on technology and consoles has always gone up and not down, expect at minimum 499 to 699 price range, anything below is the beginning of a dead console. Both PS4 AND XBOXNEXT will have at a minimum 2x the power of the WII-U, I dare say 3x minimum and yes, history will repeat itself except with the exception of Nintendo loosing ground and when I say loosing, I meant they will be last this gen. I hate to admited but big N will be in trouble...
Kamikaze135  +   1119d ago
Not really. Sony already stated not to expect a huge leap in graphics for their next console. I'm expecting graphics to pull a bit better than what we see now, allow more to happen on screen at once, and able to easily display 1080p.
princejb134  +   1119d ago
If their a minimum of 500 to 700 as you say
I might as well not buy it till there in the 300
Gaming is getting to expensive and our bills are also getting expensive
stefan771  +   1118d ago
@Kamikaze They actually said the opposite
ziggurcat  +   1119d ago
... except there's no way that they're going to be released anytime this year.
B1663r   1119d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Jdoki  +   1119d ago

$400 sounds sensible, although I assume it'll be a 1:1 conversion from USD to GBP / Euro.

The WiiU Premium with one game is currently £335 on the high street which is about $540
Kingofwiiu  +   1119d ago
If the ps3 and 720 are $400 and NOT being sold at a loss then they will only be a tiny bit powerfull than wiiu. A negligible difference like that between Ps2 and xbox 1.

You have 2 scenarios-

A- You DO see a MASSIVE graphical leap from Sony or MS but the console retails at $499 and costs like $599- $699 to manufacture. This scenario is almost 100% likely not to happen given Sony's financial state and Microsofts desire to make more money from the next gen.

B- The console retails for $399 and although the specs are more impressive than the wiiu , it's hard to notice Major graphical difference to the common untrained eye , And those consoles don't come with Something Like the Gamepad / Head tracker / Kinnect 2 as standard.

Nintendo has hit a sweet spot with wiiu. They're breaking even on it or selling at a tiny loss , It's quite powerfull with modern GPGPU based architecture whih is energy efficient and it has the gamepad which could turn out to be a major selling point.

I think Sony and Microsoft has their work cut out trying to make a Powerfull , affordable console next gen...
zebramocha  +   1119d ago
Sony & Ms could make a console more powerful than the wiiu and stay in the same price range,this is based of amd tech,they can go lower but unlikely,hd 7770,a10-5700 apu and for motherboard,it's gonna be based off of the fm2 motherboard.Price for the components are,gpu $130,apu $130,the motherboard varies in price from cheapest to expensive,$55-130,for ram 4Gb of stacked ddr3,the prices have to be adjusted because they are working with custom parts and Ms & Sony have enough skills manufacture their consoles sense the ps360 provide them blue print on how to do this.
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Saigon  +   1118d ago

i had to add the prices you implied and had to do a little double checking on some of the prices and together they would cost at most 460 to apply all the pieces together, if that is the final cost of manufacturing than we can expect the system to cost around 350-399.
DivineAssault  +   1119d ago
ill drop $400 for one.. $500 at the very most but it better be a beast
Unztayble  +   1119d ago
$400 seems kinda cheap. Whatever. I'm already saving for the next console generation. I'd drop $500 on a nice powerful console.
SAE  +   1119d ago
So we will repeat our talk every day ?.. same article everyday is just stupid ...

Again :
400 $ means 30$ more then the ps3 price. you cant even upgrade the ram with 30$ -.-

600$ or it's useless upgrading. because what the hell would they change with 400$ price ?! unless they put a 12gb hardesk drive with a 500$ price which people avoid getting..
Daver  +   1119d ago
hmmm the ps3 is at 250$ now and even 200$ around christmas
SAE  +   1119d ago
i gave you the link. it's uk price and it's applied in many stores such as GAME and others . the price in my country is the same too .

super slim ps3 12gb is 280$ . that console doesnt count because most people dont like to take it. as you see from the link even the normal slim is more expensive then the super slim

so it's not like im faking prices . these are the deals we always get . so i dont know where you get the prices you mentioned >.< . you people expect same size of hardesk in ps4 too for that kind of price ?..

Note : i only saw discount for 12gb ps3 in christmas .
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Daver  +   1119d ago
What they are talking here in this article is in US dollars. Compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges..
Of course if its 400$ in US it will not be 400$ in UK.. Its called cost of life and its different in each country.
InTheLab  +   1119d ago
$400 or $500 better be the options or we really won't see any noticeable change in gaming for another gen. If that's the pC will be the workhorse next gen.
Ultr  +   1119d ago
hope so too
TemplarDante  +   1119d ago
Next Xbox to use "Intel CPUs" and they think that would let it be $400? LOL.
Its 8 core, but it aint Intel. Even if they made it 8 Intel Atom cores and got a discount for buying bulk, thats pricey without even factoring in the GPU, Ram and MBoard.
Rather Msft throw in a nice Enthusiast 8 Series AMD GPU and loads of ram than waste time on a pricey Intel setup.
Apart from the Alpha Durango kit, every rumor says AMD is making parts all round next gen.
Do these guys get paid for this?
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Jovahkiin  +   1119d ago
We'll pay the equivalent to $600 in Ireland. It's always the way.
WildStyles  +   1119d ago
$400 hits the spot. Make it happen Sony.
Walker  +   1119d ago
My wallet is ready .
riverstars86  +   1119d ago
I'd be very surprised, yet extremely happy if PS4 came out a month before 720. That would be huge for Sony. Regardless I will be getting both at launch, better start filling up the piggy bank!
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girevik  +   1119d ago
Isn't $400 the average price of a new console? 360 was $400, Was that underpowered? How much was the PS2 when it launched? I don't understand the argument that the next gen consoles have to be 500-600 to be "boss!"
Daver  +   1119d ago
Because the price of everything is going up fast...
SAE  +   1119d ago
yeah right. high end pc is 400$ right now . tech changed . it's much much stronger then before. best example is the ram . ps3 have 500mb or less . high end pc have 8to 16gb ram. you see the difference ?... that's just the ram -.-

you people expect what from 400$ ?. tell me please ..
zebramocha  +   1119d ago
@ideath That much ram is some what necessary for the operating system and CPU,consoles are designe around efficientcy so the can do more with at least half that ram.
ichdich  +   1119d ago
only 400$ to be super powerfull machine like an HIGH-END pc?
girevik  +   1119d ago
The 360 was $400 in 2005. I may be wrong but I thought it was comparable or even stronger than a High-end PC.
Sevir  +   1119d ago
it was comparable at the time
As but once 2006 rolled around PC cards began outpacing them.
KrisButtar  +   1119d ago
I was thinking the new systems would have to 2 price points like the Wii u, but would be $400 and $500
Sp1d3ynut  +   1119d ago
At $400, I think it's safe to say both MS and Sony would be losing money on hardware, out of the gate. However, if this generation has taught us,and the rest of the video games industry, anything....there's other ways to turn a profit. Whether it's DLC, XBLG/PS+ subs, "must have" accessories with high profit margin (i.e. 360 HDDs), micro-transaction purchases for games/Avatars/PS Home... there are a LOT more ways for $$ money to be made from video games, than there were in the earlier console generations. Losing money on hardware to increase your market isn't a new's done all the time. Sony supposedly did so with the PS3, even at $600, because of their investment in Blu-ray and Cell. But at the end of this gen, they are clearly...finally...turning a profit on hardware. I think all parties involved understand that going forward, risks must be taken to survive, when the world economy is in such a mess. But in the end, they'll recover their losses. Consumer economics studies will always show that when you give the consumer a "deal", they're always willing to spend whatever money they "saved".
Daver  +   1119d ago
I say between 450$ and 500$ that is my guess but like everyone here we have no ****ing idea.
optimus  +   1119d ago
I don't see either one coming out this year so i'm not going to worry about it...i think 350 would be the ideal price for either one.
madjedi  +   1118d ago
I was going to agree till i saw $350, i would rather sony or ms in your case have it retail $50-100 dollars more just to make sure we are ready to deal with the distinct impression that this upcoming gen will be another 7-8 yr cycle.
CRASHBASHUK  +   1119d ago
I say 350-400 £
hmm but maybe a bit more for a 1TB ps4
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ShadowKingx  +   1119d ago
400-500 dollars would be my guess on the price of new consoles, anymore than that i will just wait a year.
castro   1119d ago | Spam
specsmatter  +   1119d ago
I agree im no analyst but i believe Ps4 will be 400 to 500. We all know it will def. not be 599 like the original ps3 for several reason 1) Sony knows that ppl waited a long time to buy a ps3 because that was too much for them to pay and 2) it will use a Blu Ray drive again and back them those drives were hundreds of dollars inflating ps3 cost but today they are cheap cutting costs.

All in all even if the Ps4 is 400.00 or 450 (i think thats sweet spot for gamers who want good tech,but dont want exorbitant pricing) it will have strong tech because Sony almost always sells at a loss to make this tech possible and recoups via game sales and ps plus will be a factor too.
Noctis  +   1119d ago
I think Sony's best bet with the PS4 is to go the Wii U route and offer a $400 dollar version with two usb ports and no media card reader and 32gb aimed for the casual gamers and a $500 dollar version with four usb ports, media card reader, and a 250-500gb hard drive aimed for the hardcore gamers.
madjedi  +   1118d ago
No make 1 standard sku and ditch the idea of a memory card reader, maybe have 3 usb slots. It would likely be a minimum 500-1 tb drive+, simply because of price trends while buying in bulk for hdds.

And have the mb offer full ssd and usb 3.0 support via built on chip, bare minimum 4 gigs of memory.

Dump all pretence of a casual vs hardcore sku, because casuals wouldn't even touch at anything above $250-300. Unless it's a tablet or phone.

The people picking it up the 1st yr will be hardcore fans of said system, 1-2 yrs later you will get the semi hardcore crowd(waiting for income tax return or saving up for it). 3-5 yr you get the multiconsole gamers completing their system collection or casuals snapping it up as a impulse buy. That is how is see it anyway.

I like how nintendo fans, believe the wiiu is the standard for the next gen in regards to power that the ps4 and 720 will have to follow in it's footsteps.

It won't have a gtx 670 ect, but it won't a slighty tweaked ancient rsx or xenos either, i wouldn't mind between a gtx 650 and a gtx 660.
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palaeomerus  +   1119d ago
I'll buy at $300 and probably two years in when there are enough games out to make a purchase worthwhile and many of them at $15 or less.
stefan771  +   1118d ago
As much as I want PS4 to be affordable, I'm expecting it to be more expensive than PS3 at lauch

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