Gamedaily: The Club Review - This Club shoots and scores

Gamedaily's Robert Workman writes: A few rich eccentrics formed an elite tournament known as The Club, pitting eight gunmen who are low on morals and high on desperation against each other. They aren't directly fighting each other, however – they're shooting for the highest score possible, taking out whatever gunmen get in their way while making a rush for an exit. If they take too long to accomplish these goals, they'll set off implanted explosives, killing themselves instantly.

The Club has some minor issues. The sound needed more work, with less than impressive weapon effects and average background music. The effectiveness of some weapons is questionable too.

Despite the flaws, The Club is very enjoyable. Its non-stop arcade action and intricate gameplay system will have you racking up a ridiculous amount of points in no time. It may not be the deepest shooting experience on the market, but it's still a lot of fun. Don't decline this Club's invitation.

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