Remember Me: Capcoms’s Newsest Video Game Creation.

"Capcom Returns with a brand new original game they called Remember Me a futuristic cyber punk RPG game that takes place in the year 2084 of Neo-Paris. Now just from what you have just read you can already tell this game is going to be top seller. I mean Capcom has been known for bringing us some of the most classic and most awesome games ever played I mean they made Mega Man, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil,and Darkstalkers. Now Capcom is coming out with a whole new fresh Idea that gamers everywhere can really sink there teeth into. Even the trailer for the Remember me just instantly grabs you!"

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Zechs341829d ago

Uh oh. Looks like Capcom is now misprinting headlines on N4G too.

1829d ago
jagstar441829d ago

why does capcom get all the attention, it's dont-nod's creation