One Hit Pixel: DmC: Devil May Cry Review

One Hit Pixel: "It may be the first major release of 2013 but one thing’s for certain: come the end of the year, DmC will still be one of the best games this year."

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360ICE2011d ago

Another great score?
Oh, my.

MattS2011d ago

I'm surprised I haven't seen the outcry: "CLEARLY EVERY REVIEWER HAS BEEN BOUGHT OFF!!!" yet. After all, it can't possibly be that Ninja Theory has made a good game.



IT'S DIFFERENT! Different can't be good and Ninja Theory is bad for not being a slave to the fanboys!

FunkMacNasty2011d ago

I know right!? And if they had stayed faithful to the series and not tried anything new, the same fanboys that are crying about how NT ruined DMC, would instead just be bitching that it was the same ol' thing and had no innovation. We'd be seeing a ton of those annoying "milked" comments in every forum.

Internet users: complaining about everything since 1994

Perjoss2011d ago

People are going to be upset about the good scores, but I'm glad its getting good reviews!

360ICE2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Ha! You bet! Which is why my comment above is gonna get flagged for trolling.

Then again, I do comment on every DMC review rubbing it in people's faces, so maybe it kind of is. And maybe I should find a hobby for the remaining days of the holidays...

No. Play DMC and trolling is my new schedule.

Perjoss2011d ago

Like I said before... No idea how it plays as I've not tried the demo yet, but when I was at the Eurogamer Expo DMC really stood out graphically along with the new God of War game. Those 2 titles really made me think that graphically we are not quite ready for new consoles (current games still looking so great)

Elda2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

More good reviews!!!...this is great!!It's amazing the haters are believing the reviewers are being paid off as if they know this is an actual FACT!!! WOW CRAZY!! The FACT is DmC is a good game!!

csreynolds2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Oh look, DmC turned out to be a great game after all. Gamers like it. Pretty much every site that's reviewed it likes it - GameTrailers, Destructoid, Xbox Magazine, Edge, GameSpot, Kotaku, IGN, Push Square, OPM...

Bravo Ninja Theory. In your face, haters (and dislike away; won't change the fact you were wrong).

Xklaw2011d ago

Here´s a diferent review that brings up the problems that other reviews fail to mention. If anybody played the demo, they would know what to expect. The high scores doesn´t come as a suprise, and almost all of the reviews clearly states that this game is made for newcomers.

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