PlayStation Vita: Destined to be history's most under-appreciated console?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "why is the Vita struggling so much in the market? Others will quickly point the finger at a supposed lack of advertising. The only place I haven't seen much advertising for the Vita is on TV - across the other marketing mediums it is pushed as hard as a product in its position can be, and TV is a very inefficient way to promote a product such as the Vita.

No, "advertising" is an easy scapegoat, but not the real problem. Here's a couple of possible alternative reasons behind the Vita's struggle:"

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jujubee881709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

VITA def needs more support from the third party Japanese devs. PSO2 and GE2 will be sweet, but we need a MH and FF type game as well.

The price cut will come, Sony has already said they are looking into making VITA costs less at retail. And something tells me even Sony want to cut vita memory card prices.

We should see a lot of new VITA stuff come to light by E3, perhaps even sooner.

justncase1709d ago

most people i know are having a hard time just making ends meat. Everything is gonna take a hit. Things aren't getting better there getting worse. I have all the consoles
but thats gonna change, cant afford to have them all now so i'm focused on who brings the best new console to the table and thats who get my dough and its not gonna be nintendo..

o-Sunny-o1709d ago

Vita is a little beauty if you got the cash dish it out because I did twice already. If you like a greatly supported handheld its Vita. No I'm not playing they got so many games just check the list somewhere. It's worth it.

danny8181709d ago

Don't think so. Sales will pick up. But it sucks it isn't selling well! I love my vita!!! Its such a great little handheld with great games out for it

FragGen1708d ago

+1. I wish it was tearing up the best seller list. But I love mine to bits and have been really happy with it, use it all the time! It's a great box and I'm thankful there are some solid games in spite of it struggling for initial sales!

The product is great so I'm hoping it'll catch on over time but if not, I still enjoy it personally.

danny8181708d ago

Right! I love it. It so solid. The visuals, the fact that there is trophies and you can see everyone's activity. It really is the full package! I dont mean to brag but i convinced five friends to buy it. They all love it. We all have our mk sesh and it always gives us a good time. I will keep on supporting it. Along with my purchase of the ps4