Official: Persona 3: FES Heading Stateside

Yep - that countdown timer on the Atlus site was counting down to Persona 3: FES after all. Atlus sent an email to all members of the Atlus Faithful today, announcing that FES is indeed coming stateside.

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Relcom3948d ago

is a buy for me, i love unique RPGs

Darkiewonder3948d ago

Thanks Atlus! Will definitely be getting this game!

kewlkat0073948d ago

I hear good things on the PS2. Plus i love RPGs

littletad3948d ago

Wow, just wow. Another contender for RPG of the year.

Guwapo773948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

Persona series? Yeah right. LoL It is a great series no doubt but not on that level. I missed the Persona2...might have to buy that one now.

I'm dieing for a release date!! I NEED ME JRPGS!!! Something my PS3 is also dieing for.

...*sobs* guess I should had read the article first. I thought this was coming in PS3 720-1080p goodness. /wrist

Skerj3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

F*CK YEAH!! Sorry but RPG of the year again for me, the original P3 kicked so much ass with one of the best storylines in years!! Now FES is doing the same the same with an extra 30 hours of gameplay and enhancements over the original game. Instant buy, everyone buy it!!

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The story is too old to be commented.