DmC: Devil May Cry | Spong Review

There are some piss-poor moments for starting a videogame review, and the one after your 12th (ish) failure to defeat a giant demon disco baby is one of them.

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360ICE2010d ago

Are there any conservative DMC fans here?
If so, could you please mail me a glass containing your tears?

And I'll send you that warm cup of shut the hell up I was speaking about.

Yay Dante! I never thought I'd like this game that much, and shoving it down other people's throat?

Oh, and good review. I more or less agree.

Perjoss2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )


Upright Man2010d ago

Yep, as I commented on another positive review, we have a great show in store when the 'true' fans awaken...