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Skate-AK1798d ago

Kinda dumb it needs a Internet connection to play when you first buy it.

Deathcon1798d ago

But just the first time, after the registration it's not needed anymore

Fishermenofwar1798d ago

I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit...Its the only way to make sure....

BanBrother1798d ago

Thanks Hicks, I knew you would agree with me.

It is not going to be a technical marvel, as it has had some development hiccups apparently. From the game-play vids I have seen, it has some sweet atmosphere, especially outside on the planet. Can't wait.

lonesoul651798d ago


DivineAssault 1798d ago

hope it ends up good.. Gearbox is good at what they do so i dont have many doubts

Plagasx1798d ago

The only thing they are good at is Borderlands...

1upgamer991798d ago

007 Nightfire, Tony Hawk 3, Brothers in Arms, Half Life, Halo:Combat Evolved...Uh, yeah Borderlands is the only thing Gearbox is good at...LOL

jony_dols1798d ago

Gearbox are good dev's, but just to elaborate on 1Upgamer99; Gearbox ported Halo: CE to Windows & created the HL1 expansion pack Blue Shift.

paddystan1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Just a GTX 560 on recommended settings? Haha...My GTX 690 will certainly destroy this game.