DmC: Devil May Cry review | Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt: "Nobody could accuse Ninja Theory of lacking confidence. The opening chapter of their re-imagined Devil May Cry begins with demonic strippers thrusting at the camera during a raucous dubstep infused credits sequence. We’re introduced to the re-designed youthful, crew-cut Dante as he engages in some late night salacious partying on a Santa Monica style pier. And when the action begins and Dante is drawn into Limbo – a demon realm parallel to the human one – aggressive and foreboding messages paint themselves on the environment à la Splinter Cell: Conviction, and flashes of a news report denounce him as a terrorist. There’s not an ounce of subtlety in sight, and that is entirely deliberate. This is Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry, and they sure as hell want you to know it."

[Written by Matt Sawrey, Thunderbolt]

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