DmC: Devil May Cry brings the sexy back to demon killing | VentureBeat Review

Ninja Theory did Dante proud.

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SybaRat1865d ago

Sounds fast and violent and violent and fast. That's four things that I love!

NagaSotuva1865d ago

I recently played through the original DMC and I'm ready to pull off some stylish combos in this one.

THR1LLHOUSE1865d ago

I was one of those early haters of Dante's new look, but this actually sounds pretty good. And that demo was a lot of fun.

JeffGrubb1865d ago

I wasn't expecting anything from this game.

wita1865d ago

The downsides of the game are interesting, but this sounds a lot better than I thought it would.

SybaRat1865d ago

Ninja Theory always really excelled at 2/3rds of each game they made, with the final third making it a bit "meh." Sounds like they got better with this one.

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