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DmC Devil May Cry DMC 1-4 'White Hair' Dante Easter Egg Gameplay Footage

This video shows a couple of Easter Eggs in the game that play homage to the original Dante. The first one is a small clip from the first chapter, while the second one will show you how to unlock, and then use the alternate 'white hair' Dante. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Godmars290  +   999d ago
Wait. So they literally knock the old character design, insult it, only to turn right around and offer it as a choice?

Utter failure to send a solid, concise message when they should have.
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LordMe  +   999d ago
NT has no respect for DMC, they have insulted the franchise, called Dante lame, saying he was to "Japanese" to be cool.

NT are kinda racist...

But in all seriousness, why did they give it to a company who detests the source material so much?
ShinMaster  +   998d ago
It's not even the same hair.
The one that looks like the original Dante IN THE CUTSCENE is mocked "not in a million years" and then thrown onto the ground.

It's NOT the same as the white hair that is available as an unlockable option. It's exactly the same as the black one, but in white. Not in the same style as the one in the cutscene.


I assume they're targeting a new audience and not the original fans.
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Grap  +   997d ago
lol why there is a bug boss talking in this game?
"socially awkward basement dwellers anyway"
just because you live in your mom basement doesn't mean everybody live there hell i wouldn't live with u i would rather become a homeless or live in your mom bedroom. maybe u could hear screams when your beneath us.
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TheBlackSmoke  +   998d ago
The devil may crybabies strike again, This time NT killed all of your mothers right? Too bad you have no sense of humour, but I wouldn't expect it from socially awkward basement dwellers anyway.

Cant wait for the review embargo to lift so we can hear all day how capcom paid off the entire industry lol. You guy's guys arent really doing yourselves any favours, you should probably take that tin foil hat off and make a swift exit.

Edit complaining? lol, more like mocking you. yeah man plenty of valid reason such as:

"OMG I can't play this game knowing dante is half ANGEL, the "lore" is DESTROYEEED!!! wtf Ninja Theory stop shitting on me"

" the combat is shit because in dmc4 you could do this.. - (then proceed to post a video of some elite Japanese player breaking the dmc4 combat engine over his thigh pulling off stuff that 99.99% of people could never do and then somehow trying to pass it off as the standard for every "old school" player).

"this game sucks because the story is shit even though I haven't played it, but trust my opinion over all reviewer's"

"The only reason this game gets good review's is cos Capcom payed off the whole industry"


And please I wish you guys would stop throwing up your "opinion shield" every time you get called out.
You can't just state your hatred like its cold hard facts and when someone challenges you on it we get told "itz my opinion, so I can say what I want and you have to accept it or your butthurt". The very fact you are persistently in articles for a game you supposedly have no interest in means you loose by default.
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Snookies12  +   998d ago
Yet you're complaining about them complaining... -_- They have valid reasons to not like the game, you have valid reasons to like the game. How about letting people have their opinions?
Pozzle  +   998d ago
The embargo's been lifted for a couple of hours now.
sGIBMBR  +   998d ago
'They have valid reasons to not like the game'

REALLY? Have any of the people crying about this game even played it? People just love to hate for no reason whatsoever! I think it makes them feel better because they've never achieved anything in real life themselves!
Harkins1721  +   998d ago
NT is its own developer they made their own design which is what I can understand. Then they give you the option of having classic Dante playable. Why is that bad? You people seriously need to stop complaining. AT least they give you a choice. Unlike Mega Man Legends 3 which was down right canceled.
RmanX1000  +   998d ago
Since i was never into the original DMC i hafta say that was a little funny... but my god... hasnt NT insulted enough people?
Snookies12  +   998d ago
That's my main reason for NOT getting this game. I can't in good conscience support a developer like this who constantly berate fans.
Y_5150  +   998d ago
That was funny!
Ultr  +   998d ago
I found it funny too. Dunno why this should be offensive? its just funny....
vork77  +   998d ago
i found it not funny at all
Y_5150  +   998d ago
No everyone can have the same sense of humor I guess. I am actually liking this game after watching some of the stuff, never been a fan of DMC till now.
ShinMaster  +   998d ago
It's not "offensive"
It's just dumb.

As a developer, if you're trying to get fans of the original games to like and accept your new version of the game, you should probably avoid mocking the original character and their fans.

""never been a fan of DMC till now""

The devs are obviously aiming at a new different audience now, not giving a f*** about the older fans.
Y_5150  +   998d ago
Of course, if they came out with a DMC5 I wouldn't be that interested. Your right, they wanted a new audience while keeping the DMC name so they rebooted it. I like what I'm seeing, but then again I can't imagine how I would feel if my favorite video game series got change so much like it has. We are seeing many great series that are changing for better or worse throughout these past couple of years, it doesn't look like it's ending anytime soon.
PopRocks359  +   998d ago
Man, that hair on that face is so damn off putting.
Arekkz  +   998d ago
Haha, new Dante is awesome!
GusBricker  +   998d ago
OH! So that's what it is, you can unlock his hair as an alternate costume. lolololol
Pozzle  +   998d ago
"Not in a million years"

Um...maybe I'm interpreting that scene wrong, but was that a deliberate stab at the old games? Why would NT even want to do that? To piss people off? To piss Kamiya off? As a joke? I don't get it. It just seems really disrespectful not only to fans of the old games (i.e. potential customers) but also to the original developers (who have given you the chance to make the game in the first place).

You don't like old-Dante? That's fine. You don't think he's cool? Ok. Then make your own witty/cool/badass/etc Dante without the subtle jabs at the older Dante. More people might be willing to give the new game a chance if this bizarrely childish "lol the Devil May Cry games are lame and no real person would think old-Dante is cool" attitude hadn't been coming from Ninja Theory throughout DmC's development.

Adding a scene like this one just seems childish and kinda mean.
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Arekkz  +   998d ago
Something a lot of people don't seem to know, but there are actually a few members of the original Capcom DMC team in place in NT, so that they can ensure it retains the DMC feeling.

So NT didn't do it to be disrespectful, nor do they "hate the original Dante", it is merely a joke, nothing more, nothing less.
zerocrossing  +   998d ago
It really doesn't matter if that was the intention, though I have my doubts.

Just look at all the controversy, the huge divide between fans who like the reboot and those who don't.

Do you think it was a tasteful move on NTs part to include that scene in the game given the circumstances? it was a terrible move that will only lead to more perceived insult.
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Arekkz  +   998d ago

Yeah but think of it on the flip side. NT put a lot of effort into this game, only to have half the original fan base gun them down for trying to put their own spin on it. It's a reboot, people need to accept it as that. As such, there's nothing wrong with poking fun at a previous character.

This notion that NT should tiptoe around the fans so as to not upset them is ridiculous. If they are not ready to embrace change, then it's their own fault, and if they can't take a joke, then that's on them.
zerocrossing  +   998d ago
There are plenty of reasons why NT should not be poking fun at the previous franchis, one of which is because they wouldn't even be developing the reboot if not for its past acclaim.

NT tiptoeing around isn't necessary, but they should show some damn respect, they have yet to prove themselves or this reboot and constantly infuriating fans intentionally is arrogant, shameful and doing them no favours.
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Arekkz  +   998d ago
At what point was it made clear that were "intentionally trying to irritate fans"? No one is going to do it intentionally, it's just the fans that take it the wrong way getting all upset and making a mountain out of a mole hill.

NT were given the chance to reboot a great franchise, a franchise they respect, but they were able to put their own spin, their own flare on it. Just like how 343i took Halo, and put their spin on it for Halo 4, and in the same way the Halo fans reacted stating that "343i have ruined the franchise".

This doesn't boil down to the developers having no respect, it boils down to the fans not wanting to embrace change.
Pozzle  +   998d ago
Ok, maybe they don't HATE the old games. But Tameem (not sure about the rest of Team Ninja) has made it pretty clear in past interviews that he believes they are "saving" the DMC series and that he thinks old Dante "wasn't cool", that he's "too over the top and Japanese" and that "if old Dante walked into a bar outside Tokyo, he'd be laughed out." It's those sort of weird comments that make this scene seem unnecessarily mean. Like...it MIGHT be a joke, but it also might be the director's genuine opinion of the old look.
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zerocrossing  +   998d ago
That's what Iv been saying, NT have no respect for the old fans or the source material.

They just took a stab at the old Dante and make fun of old school fans who still like him, and they did it in a genuine cutseceen from the reboot! Insulting a fanbase that helped establish the franchise they have been fortunate enough to work on, that isn't just low, that's shameful.
torchic  +   998d ago
zerocrossing, can I ask you a legit, no troll question?

you obviously don't like the game but like why do you care so much? you've been on almost every DmC article expressing your dislike for it and that's okay and stuff we all have opinions but why can't you just lay off a little and let people who enjoy DmC enjoy it? no matter how much you complain the game will stay as is and will continue to get good reviews, and most probably there will be a sequel to DmC. old Dante/Devil May Cry aren't coming back, so you're just wasting your time and energy.

I just don't get why you have to comment on every article and use all 6 of your bubbles in every one of them to spread negative energy and vitriol.

I'm just curious...
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Hanso  +   998d ago
New Donte isnt cool anyways he seems more like a douchebag to me
AdmiralSnake  +   998d ago
Lmfaoooooo.....hilarious. That's so petty but hilarious lmao.

Can't believe people are so emotional over this lmaoo......people need a sense of humor.

If people think this is "mean" lmaooo, they need to go outside in the real world. Literally, this is just funny to me. Oh man I can't wait to post this on Facebook for the laughs.

People mock video game characters all the time lol. Stop getting emotional over crap like this, I don't get mad every time I see an ignorant presentation of how they represent black people on video games...lawl, let me go cry now :/


Lol I do agree, that this is petty and clearly seeking controversy. I have a sense of humor though, so I could only laugh at this lmao. The hair style doesn't fit his face anyway, so it's a good thing lol, in a way.
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Pozzle  +   998d ago
It'd probably be funnier if NT's attitude towards the old Dante wasn't so openly negative. :(
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Ultr  +   998d ago
NT's representatives act really stupid, but THIS is funny to be honest
zerocrossing  +   998d ago
Im not beyond seeing the humour in it, but given the controversy surrounding DmC it was a poor move on NTs part that only seems intended to cause insult to fans of the original.
SAE  +   998d ago
Maybe NT think by insulting the fans they will like the game. But they failed.. o.o

I would do it if my change was smarter then the original not sillier xD
csreynolds  +   998d ago
I've never encountered such a community of entitled cry babies. You make the Call of Duty lot look like model members of society... *shakes head*

I'm done with being empathetic to your dissatisfaction with Ninja Theory's DmC reboot - which, incidentally, was developed in collaboration with (and with significant input from) the team that made DMCs 1-4; kind of throws your "NT hates the old games" theory out of the window, really.

For the love of God, it's a videogame. Please, get over it. You're embarrassing yourselves.
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Godmars290  +   998d ago
I've gotten over it.
Stop telling me to buy or play it.

Stop calling me stupid for not wanting to buy or play it. Its not helping or making you look good.

As you say: Its just a video game. Get over it.
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danieldeath  +   998d ago
AM i the only one who doesn't care how Dante looks ?
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zerocrossing  +   998d ago
This is more about the fact that the cutscene seems like NT are just poking fun at the original.

I don't really mind Dantes new look so much anymore, but I really dislike his personality.
Fishy Fingers  +   998d ago
Best thing about this reboot is reading all the pathetic comments.
lifesanrpg  +   998d ago
People need to calm down. This was nothing more than a joke, probably because fanboys made such a big deal about "New Dante". They probably threw this in here to appease them and to stop the whining. Just play the game before you judge it based on the color of Dante's hair
InTheLab  +   998d ago
The game doesn't even have the basic skillset from DMC 3 or 4. Don't need to play the game to see that DMC has been gutted.
Hanso  +   998d ago
DmC=Casual mode combos for everyone and enemys wait for you to kill them
HeavenlySnipes  +   998d ago
lol I doubt the game could be much worse than DMC4. There is a reason that the franchise required a reboot you know...
csreynolds  +   998d ago
This. Exactly this.
InTheLab  +   998d ago
Lol...funny. Not the white hair bit but how he hit a guy 5 times and got an "A" rank for it.
Arekkz  +   998d ago
It was actually 11 hits, not that I was counting...
fossilfern  +   998d ago
All this DmC hate is reminding me of the days on the Metroid Database forums when Metroid Prime was announced. I getting this on PC but played a bit on my friends 360 (he got it early) and I was enjoying it a lot. Not all long time DmC fans hate this game so I can't wait for it on PC
Heavenly King  +   998d ago
gameplay-wise is still a piece of crap, so I dont care.
castro   998d ago | Spam
Kratoscar2008  +   998d ago
LOL that hair seems like a wig over Dante head, doesnt look like Old Dante it seems like new Dante with a mop on his head LOL.

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