DmC Devil May Cry DMC 1-4 'White Hair' Dante Easter Egg Gameplay Footage

This video shows a couple of Easter Eggs in the game that play homage to the original Dante. The first one is a small clip from the first chapter, while the second one will show you how to unlock, and then use the alternate 'white hair' Dante.

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Godmars2901927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Wait. So they literally knock the old character design, insult it, only to turn right around and offer it as a choice?

Utter failure to send a solid, concise message when they should have.

NovusTerminus1927d ago

NT has no respect for DMC, they have insulted the franchise, called Dante lame, saying he was to "Japanese" to be cool.

NT are kinda racist...

But in all seriousness, why did they give it to a company who detests the source material so much?

ShinMaster1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

The one that looks like the original Dante IN THE CUTSCENE is mocked "not in a million years" and then thrown onto the ground.

It's NOT the same as the white hair that is available as an unlockable option. It's exactly the same as the black one, but in white. Not in the same style as the one in the cutscene.

I assume they're targeting a new audience and not the original fans.

Grap1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

lol why there is a bug boss talking in this game?
"socially awkward basement dwellers anyway"
just because you live in your mom basement doesn't mean everybody live there hell i wouldn't live with u i would rather become a homeless or live in your mom bedroom. maybe u could hear screams when your beneath us.

TheBlackSmoke1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

The devil may crybabies strike again, This time NT killed all of your mothers right? Too bad you have no sense of humour, but I wouldn't expect it from socially awkward basement dwellers anyway.

Cant wait for the review embargo to lift so we can hear all day how capcom paid off the entire industry lol. You guy's guys arent really doing yourselves any favours, you should probably take that tin foil hat off and make a swift exit.

Edit complaining? lol, more like mocking you. yeah man plenty of valid reason such as:

"OMG I can't play this game knowing dante is half ANGEL, the "lore" is DESTROYEEED!!! wtf Ninja Theory stop shitting on me"

" the combat is shit because in dmc4 you could do this.. - (then proceed to post a video of some elite Japanese player breaking the dmc4 combat engine over his thigh pulling off stuff that 99.99% of people could never do and then somehow trying to pass it off as the standard for every "old school" player).

"this game sucks because the story is shit even though I haven't played it, but trust my opinion over all reviewer's"

"The only reason this game gets good review's is cos Capcom payed off the whole industry"


And please I wish you guys would stop throwing up your "opinion shield" every time you get called out.
You can't just state your hatred like its cold hard facts and when someone challenges you on it we get told "itz my opinion, so I can say what I want and you have to accept it or your butthurt". The very fact you are persistently in articles for a game you supposedly have no interest in means you loose by default.

Snookies121927d ago

Yet you're complaining about them complaining... -_- They have valid reasons to not like the game, you have valid reasons to like the game. How about letting people have their opinions?

Pozzle1927d ago

The embargo's been lifted for a couple of hours now.

sGIBMBR1927d ago

'They have valid reasons to not like the game'

REALLY? Have any of the people crying about this game even played it? People just love to hate for no reason whatsoever! I think it makes them feel better because they've never achieved anything in real life themselves!

Harkins17211927d ago

NT is its own developer they made their own design which is what I can understand. Then they give you the option of having classic Dante playable. Why is that bad? You people seriously need to stop complaining. AT least they give you a choice. Unlike Mega Man Legends 3 which was down right canceled.

RmanX10001927d ago

Since i was never into the original DMC i hafta say that was a little funny... but my god... hasnt NT insulted enough people?

Snookies121927d ago

That's my main reason for NOT getting this game. I can't in good conscience support a developer like this who constantly berate fans.

Ultr1927d ago

I found it funny too. Dunno why this should be offensive? its just funny....

vork771926d ago

i found it not funny at all

Y_51501926d ago

No everyone can have the same sense of humor I guess. I am actually liking this game after watching some of the stuff, never been a fan of DMC till now.

ShinMaster1926d ago

It's just dumb.

As a developer, if you're trying to get fans of the original games to like and accept your new version of the game, you should probably avoid mocking the original character and their fans.

""never been a fan of DMC till now""

The devs are obviously aiming at a new different audience now, not giving a f*** about the older fans.

Y_51501926d ago

Of course, if they came out with a DMC5 I wouldn't be that interested. Your right, they wanted a new audience while keeping the DMC name so they rebooted it. I like what I'm seeing, but then again I can't imagine how I would feel if my favorite video game series got change so much like it has. We are seeing many great series that are changing for better or worse throughout these past couple of years, it doesn't look like it's ending anytime soon.

PopRocks3591927d ago

Man, that hair on that face is so damn off putting.

Arekkz1927d ago

Haha, new Dante is awesome!

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