DmC: Devil May Cry Review - Xbox Reviewer

From the moment that Devil May Cry (or handily DmC for short) was announced there has been non-stop controversy on the internet, with ‘old school’ fans of the ‘old school’ Dante leading the helm. Well-wishers of the series reboot watched on (or read) in horror as the army of forum protesters united together, all in aid of boycotting Dante’s the game due to Dante’s new hair style. One poster even revealed to the world that, if Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry reboot was any good that he would happily eat his hat. Well son, grab your knife and fork, your favourite condiments and enjoy the taste of humble pie, or hat rather, as Devil May Cry will have anyone who doubted it completely change their tune as what Ninja Theory have managed to do here is no small spectacle. DmC is a breath taking re-imagining of the brutal hack and slash action that has been for so long a pioneer in the genre.

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