Iwata: Miiverse on PCs/Smartphones isn't too 'far away'

Nintendo doesn't have an exact release date for when Miiverse will be available on PCs and Smartphones (as an application) but does say that its release on those devices isn't too 'far away'.

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Godchild10201988d ago

This would be very useful. I can send a message and see what is going on with Mii friends while on the go.

"My only concern is people who don’t own Wii U’s having access to the application and trolling the boards."

I agree! The only way to make one is with a Wii U, so I don't think people will purchase a Wii U just to troll from their phone. Hopefully Nintendo doesn't change that in the near future.

RFornillos41988d ago

hopefully it will only be open to users with NNID.

or if they do want to cater to non-Wii U users, perhaps have an "open-for-public" limitations, but with restrictions.

i'm hoping they can also release an update for 3DS users to get it on the Miiverse craze.

exfatal1988d ago

The sooner the better, Miiverse will be a even bigger hit and get more popularity once wii u owners can accesses it through pc/smartphone

wiiulee1988d ago

good nintendo need to cover all bases with the wiiu..and miiverse is fantastic and will only get expand it .

ElectricKaibutsu1988d ago

They gotta get it on 3DS too. I want friend codes to be a thing of the past.

lilbroRx1988d ago

I hope Nintendo doesn't do this. It would spell the end of Nintendo as we know it.

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