Google Maps coming to Wii U this month

Nintendo has confirmed that Google Maps will release on the Wii U by the end of January.

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Godchild10201925d ago

I would have love to see Google Earth on the Wii U, I like using it on the computer. I wonder how many people will use this and how useful it will be since you the system is not portable. I don't even use it much on my Vita, since I have my phone and a GPS.

Nevers0ft1924d ago

I doubt I'll be using it for doing much in the way of route planning... But using the Street View I'll probably stalk a few people.

*lurks in a virtual bush*

ElectricKaibutsu1925d ago

Looking around with street view looks really cool.

DwightOwen1924d ago

What an utterly, stupendously useless app for the Wii U.