'No point' in comparing Wii U sales to Wii says Nintendo

Satoru Iwata says that comparing Wii U sales to Wii sales has no 'point' and discusses how much the company is stressing over their new console's early sales.

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Godchild10202009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

I wonder if he would have said the same thing if the Wii U sold better than the Wii in the same time frame. I doubt it, but it's true, it's pointless, if Nintendo is happy and publishers jump on board that is all that matters.

mrbojingles2009d ago

To be fair, I think its almost on par with Wii sales. Its at least generating more revenue than Wii's launch to my knowledge

Y_51502009d ago

No point? Comparing can lead to improving Nintendo.

exfatal2009d ago

improving on what? its too soon to compare numbers maybe in a year or 2 they could compare and offer some improvements, but as of now i dont think there is much point comparing the 2 since its too soon to make improvements based on a month and a half of sales information. like that article said consumers need more time to understand the system and what its capable of.

Y_51502009d ago

Think about the bigger picture. Nintendo can compare now and beyond the years to come to release their next product with improved techniques.

TheFreak2009d ago

I think they scared away many customers with how lackluster the wii was when it came to games. And it seems like history will repeat itself.

AWBrawler2008d ago

I'll assume you didn't play Fragile: farewell Ruins of the moon.

It's the most underrated game this gen. The Wii is full of burried treasure if you just look beyond what wal*mart has to offer and actually do your research.

TheFreak2008d ago

There is no wal*mart in my country.

AWBrawler2007d ago

Just saying any mainstream store will only have just dance when you look at wii games

wiiulee2009d ago

no point comparing..economies around the world are different, different system prices, different approach

RFornillos42009d ago

in fairness to Mr. Iwata's statements, he mentioned about having no point comparing the "weekly" data in terms of sales. coz really, it can go up and/or down, so it'll just be a mixed reaction of worries and rejoicing. he also admits that in response to the reaction on the console itself, there're still lots of things Nintendo can do and overcome, and generally still room for improvement.

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