First LEGO Marvel Super Heroes details

NE: "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is featured in this month’s Game Informer as the magazine’s cover story."

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Beetey2011d ago

Gosh dang it!

I guess I'll grow out of Lego games next year... maybe

exfatal2011d ago

wasnt much of a fan with the lego universe but lego city and marvel super heros do look fun, hope they have a demo i can try b4 hand.

Godchild10202011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

So, will this (Story) touch upon the second movie? If you watched the ending of the Avengers, you might understand why I ask that question.

Skate-AK2011d ago

Yeahhhhh I know what you mean.

Deku-Johnny2011d ago

Arkham Asylum is DC's Raft counterpart not the other way around. Marvel master race!

lizard812882011d ago

Yes, that is his name...

"A villain from the animated Marvel Super Hero Squad series plays a fairly big role in the game"

Yes, That show is pretty good, despite the art style, which people don't seem to like. Although, most, if not all of the villains act goofy in that show.

AWBrawler2008d ago

Heck yez! Lego games are always fun