PS3 - PlayStation store updated to ver. 1.02

PS3 users should find a new update waiting for them when attempting to access the PlayStation store.

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GribbleGrunger1681d ago

I've just tried it out. It is slightly faster and the pages do load in quicker. It isn't a huge improvement but it's certainly better than it was.

Godchild10201681d ago

The store takes about the same amount of time to load but the pages do load a lot faster. I'm happy with the improvement.

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TheFreak1681d ago


Do people actually fall for this bs?

rainslacker1681d ago


It's a bot, responding is useless. And apparently they do, because it's pretty common.

TheFreak1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Oh ok thanks for the reply. I'm a noob when it comes to these kind of things, but even I don't fall for it.

Liefx1681d ago

That bot is so out of context though.... it's relevance is completely missing!

kingPoS1681d ago


Last thing I want on these sites are captcha, but with these bots?... it might just happen sooner than later.

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Wigriff1681d ago

Have they fixed the errors when trying to access the cart yet Gribble?

GribbleGrunger1681d ago

I didn't check that out, sorry. I'm definitely happy with the update, but then again I just swoop in to PSN on Wednesday, get what I need and I'm done with it for a while, so it never really bothered me that much anyway.

insomnium21681d ago

Any change to the store's loading times is desperately needed. I must say I absolutely HATE the new store. Harder to find stuff and sllllllllooooowwwwww as hell. My god it's been annoying.

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ElitaStorm1680d ago

if its slow its your network STOP FKING DOWNLOADING PORN problem solved

sdplisken1680d ago

ah dammit you got me!
i blame sony for putting in a web browser!

freezola751680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

I've been waiting for the right time to say this...

But doesn't the store sound like your navigating through Gran Turismo 5 menus? LOLOL

It's cool tho but I know somebody on here had that same thought... no one huh....

LOL well let's update this store now shall we.. peace

(Update) Interesting 9pm EST here no store update yet here.

searcam011680d ago

lol, I was thinking the same thing about the Gran Turismo 5 menus.

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LOGICWINS1681d ago

Pages load faster. Pretty much the only gripe I had with the new store.

MikeMyers1681d ago

Sounds good, I'll have to check it out later.

Summons751681d ago

Ugh just go back to the old store. The new store may look nice but when I have to go to have different pages to download one demo that's just annoying. At least it loads a second faster now, now I only need to wait 29 seconds instead of 30 for load a page.

JoGam1681d ago

Change is good. I understand it was new version was slow but at least they are trying to improve it.

SnipeySnake1681d ago

Agreed, dunno why people here like it. I tried buying a new avatar and had to scroll through every individual one to find one i liked which took forever. In the old store they were separated by more categories which made things a lot easier. Also I hate having to do that check out stuff for demos/other free things. Not to mention the old store was faster.

All they would have to do is fix all the problems I stated and I would be fine with the new store.

asmith23061680d ago

I like the new store. Was slow at first but the layout is much better than the old store. I can find things really quickly. I remember typing "Resident Evil 2" into the old search and a bunch (as in hundreds) of useless shit came up. The new search brought me straight to it.

remanutd551681d ago

why there is no psmove section? im trying to buy a move game but i cant find a psmove section

8bitHero1681d ago

new store is extremely unorganized. the old store had a ps move section.

spunkee3111680d ago

Completely agree. TO get DLC for a game. Say for example Uncharted. You have to input each letter manually to find the game. Why?
You used to be able to go to PS3 add ons and T-Z and pick Uncharted and you are there.

Buying DLC sucks.

arbitor3651681d ago

there is no "playstation exclusive" section either. thanks sony, for removing features that I use and adding crap which I dont need, that only slows things down.

why couldnt sony add some sort of wishlist system? you know, something that would actually be a useful improvement.

dantesparda1681d ago

For PS Move pick Games/PS3 Games/All PS3 Games/Add Filter/PS Move

remanutd551681d ago

thanks a lot but all that hustle for something that should be easier lol

remanutd551681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

oh and there are more move games than the ones they have on their psmove section for example they dont have portal 2 motion on their move section but i find out that the game can be play with the move, bah i dont like the new store.

TheMrMadzen1680d ago

Go to Games/Collections/PS Move

remanutd551680d ago

ok i will try that today, im on my way home from the gym right now

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typikal821681d ago

Is this store remote play compatible yet?

PhillipSantanaMusic1681d ago

no, i just tried from my vita.

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