Lamenting my Pile of Shame

One of CapsuleComputers' contributors opens the door to the shady world of his "Pile of Shame."

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ManDemon2013d ago

My list isn't quite so long, but still plenty of things I might not get to. Oh Spider-Man, why so many games.

Ryder492013d ago

I've cleared up a fair amount of mine this year. But then there are also those games you start, dislike and sell. I don't think they count...

2pacalypsenow2013d ago

I thought dishonored was pretty fun

guitarded772013d ago

I do the same thing... I'm kinda a game hoarder.

Perjoss2012d ago

Same here, I have this strange theory that the more games I buy the more likely some free time will magically appear from nowhere. Sadly it never happens.

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The story is too old to be commented.