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"DmC’s narrative is relatively straightforward: after being attacked by a Hunter Demon, the 21st Century Andrew Garfield-like Dante awakes with a hangover in a strange place called Limbo City. " Gary Marston |

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8bitHero1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

i finally got around to playing the demo and LOL. all problems aside(and there are many, with the main one being the game plays really sluggish, very slow paced for a DMC game) i couldnt stop loling at the diolouge. the boss fight, like wtf? "FUCK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUU"
"Fuck you!"
LMFAOOOO talk about immature xD i wonder if they honestly thought that was cool & edgy.

zerocrossing1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

No offence to those who like the game, but yeah that entire seen was just so laughably ridiculous! It honestly made me question if those who are buying DmC have even played the demo... If that wasn't bad enough the voice acting is just awful, sounds like something you'd get in some cheep teen flick.

8bitHero1926d ago

EXACTLY!! haha that scene was so funny(in a bad way) personally, i think ninja theory is a garbage developer, none of their games are even slightly interesting and i have to say this one is by far the worse, its like a game made for 12 year olds whos just discovered curse words.

also has anyone else noticed that the media has been defending ninja theory a lot? i mean before dmc every gaming media site pretty much called them a mediocre developer but ever since dmc theyve been praising their past games? idk its kinda weird but w/e it doesnt bother me, money talks.

1926d ago
AsimLeonheart1925d ago

I am amazed at the media bias towards this game. None of the reviews talk about the game objectively. Most of these sites dont know a jack about what aspects to evaluate in a technical/hardcore hack and slash title like DMC. Do these reviewers even know about jump cancelling, just-frame timings, parrying, counters, invincibility frames and many other such terms that DMC veterans are familiar with? These reviewers lack necessary knowledge to review and judge the game. That is why their reviews are invalid and untrustworthy. The current high reviews scores are just a reaction to the hate the game has been getting. Everybody wants to act all open-minded and accepting of change. They want to give Ninja Theory a chance and dont want to criticize the game and look like a "hater/anti".

SAE1925d ago

Dante acts like a teenager that think the word ''Fuck'' is kool on everything.

i can imagine him saying it a lot in this game without reason ..

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Perjoss1925d ago

Sorry to hear that, I order from shopto because they deliver a day early!

Summons751926d ago

Let the sheep feed into developers who have no concept of good game design and insult fans and other developers who haveade better games long before them. Let them feed into it and when the industry dies and they cry they will only have themselves to blame, of course like ninja theory they will blame every other person thing and animal that defies their thinking.

DmC is a horribly designed, horribly written and horribly tested game made by developers who insult people who point out the flaws, insult the original creator and Japanese games in general, and pretend that god handed them the game on a silver platter with angels singing their name. The interviews and demo videos showed it alone, the public demo even proved it more and now the final release with all the bugs from the demo and more ever present. But the defends are pretending these facts don't exist an will only hurt our gaming industry.

DangerousDAN1926d ago

Just shut up already! Whining and whining, give it a rest!

N4GDgAPc1925d ago

Everytime I hear someone how they got insulted buy NT I just think of the song by Justin Timberlake and this chorus goes through my head.

"Cry me a River!"

I seen some of what you guys called insults and I don't see it. And I don't know why you guys get all but hurt over what he says.

Two words

Who cares!

What if this game ended up being so amazing I bet you would forget about the insults. I find that just a silly reason not to buy a game. U buy it because you think its going to be good. If you think its going to suck don't buy it. Don't give me all these different reasons that have nothing to do with the game.

Hingle_Mcringleberry1925d ago

Sheep would be the people hating on the game because its the cool thing to do, even before they even play it.

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