One night of XNA demo misery

A quick look at the predominantly horrific titles and a couple of gems found online with Microsoft's XNA effort, aimed at putting game development into the hands of the common man.

From the article: "At the GDC, last week, Microsoft released a XNA downloader on Xbox Live Arcade, so the rest of us could download the demos and try some of the games out. Unfortunately, if you're reading this on Monday and you haven't downloaded the XNA Creators Club off of Xbox Live, you're out of luck. Fortunately for you, I'll let you know what you should check out and what to avoid if and when they're released on Xbox Live in a few months."

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GamerSigma3942d ago

The Dishwasher is awesome. The rest is just background noise.

JSA-Gamer3942d ago

That dodgeball game made me sad.

KidMakeshift3942d ago

The Dishwasher is impressive for being made by one person, but it's nothing special. It's what you would typically find on Newgrounds, which I don't think XNA will ever meet or allow (like the portal flash game) that quality of games

Pugovitz3942d ago

With Creators Club you have to pay Microsoft $100 in order to make the games (when the PC version is free) then Microsoft is going to sell some of them on XBL and make money? Do the creators get any of the profit?

CaliGamer3942d ago

Maybe its like modeling where people agree to a free photo shoot and in return the photographer gets to promote himself and the model gets a free set of expensive pictures to do the same.

But it does seem like a bit of an exploitation if the way you put it is how it works, I would be very interested in finding out what the logistics are but I'm too lazy to go online and look them up. LOL.

Bnet3433942d ago

Yes they get money, they are the ones that made it, but the actual game is owned by Microsoft since you used XNA to make it. Back on topic, Dishwasher was phucking incredible, like a side scrolling Ninja Gaiden 2.