God of War Ascension Exclusive Shots for Playstation 3

Triverse writes, "God of War is undoubtedly Sony’s ace in the hole against Microsoft’s Halo and Nintendo’s Mario series. The fans have helped turn the series into the amazing juggernaut of gaming that it is today and come March 12th, 2013. Gamers will be able to show their support yet again as Kratos returns to where it all began and battles all new creatures in all new locations."

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2pacalypsenow1714d ago

The graphics for this game are amazing

The_Infected1714d ago

Yea that's one reason I like PS3 because Sony's studios push graphics hard:)

1713d ago
ado9081714d ago

Them Graphics man! them Graphics!

trickman8881714d ago

How lovely. More multiplayer pics instead of single player....


Conzul1714d ago

IKR? Scary that we've seen so little of this game's SP. Hope they didn't get all MP centric.

Kinger89381713d ago

Agree, for those extremely excited for the mp im sure its fine, but im not too fussed about that, ill only be buying for the single player

Plus theres only so many times u can play/see shots of this cyclops level.

mt1713d ago

I trust Santa Monica with the SP, screen shots from the SP wouldn't hurt but no storyline related video I thing it is good they didn't release anything about the SP so we don't spoil the story on us

GribbleGrunger1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

I've got complete confidence for the singleplayer game. My only concern is length, not quality of presentation. I for one, would sooner have no videos of the single player at all because the last GOW game showed far too many 'big' set pieces. And if they decided to show gameplay and it wasn't the big set pieces, people may be unimpressed. Keeping it a secret would be better in the long run.

The same goes for TLOU. I just want to see a quick video of a few locations and another playthough of the level we've already seen but played in a slightly different way ... Maybe show how you can stealth through that entire area if you so wish. We see far too much of games before they are released these days. One of the big draws for me is exploring the world and if I've already seen videos of most of the levels, that exploration is diluted.

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dragonopt11714d ago

Yeah I'd really like to see some single player stuff. I love GOW and can't wait to play it but I'm not too interested in the multiplayer part of it to be honest. I'm sure I'll play it as I'm in the beta but I'm more interested in the story/single player.

snowman21491714d ago

Those are multiplayer screenshots..starting to get sick of GOW single player dammit!

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The story is too old to be commented.