Operation Smash - Metroidvania Game Inspired By The Best

Pixels for Breakfast writes: Retro platformers are a dime a dozen these days, and more often than not there are two reasons why so many indie developers are choosing to go that route: they want to cut costs by keeping the visual style simple and stylish, or they are hardcore gamers who are tackling their nostalgia head on by creating their favourite type of game. Steve Olofsson is certainly going back to his love of classic gaming with his upcoming Operation Smash.

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NukaCola2014d ago

Love the metroidvania 2.5D genre. Outland is another great example for those who love smaller titles.

hellerphant2014d ago

Absolutely! Outland is a great game and well worth checking out. After interviewing Steve however, I feel that Operation Smash is going to feel like a true Metroidvania game that was meant to release on 16-bit consoles, yet was a little too late. Something about the way he talks about the game makes me feel safe that this will be more than a retro-skinned game.