Denkiphile Gaming Podcast Episode 9: Gaben Answers Our Prayers

Davis from Denkiphile Gaming: "After a year long hiatus, the Denkiphile podcast is finally back, featuring writers Kevin Kartanata and Eldon Tsan! This week, we take a look at some of the current events going on in gaming, included some of the announcements from CES 2013 (including the Steam Box). Despite the holiday season just ending and putting a strain on all our pockets, game developers are ready to put on the pain again with new announcements for Cyberpunk 2077 and Pokémon X and Y. We wrap it up with a discussion on our anticipated games for the next two weeks, including DmC, Ni no Kuni, Strike Suit Zero."

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CapsLocke1923d ago

Gaben sholud spill some info about HL3 - that would be answering for our prayers :D