XGN-Knytt Underground Review

XGN:What do you get when you drop a mysterious adventurer in a very colorful and attractive world, combined with a large dose of freedom and only Metroid Elements? Then you get Knytt Underground.

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sdozzo1866d ago

6.5 story is awful. Part one and two are awful. Part three amazing.

WalterWJR1866d ago

Part 1 and 2 may as well be called long tutorials. Part 3 is the main game. I do see where the non story comes in but for what the game is, I did not really expect a solid story.

Ult iMate1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Just started to play Part 1. Don't know about the story, but the dialogues are funny. And the gameplay, based deeply on exploration and gaining new abilities is exactly what I like in such adventure games. The game is definately worth its price. I also liked background art and soundtrack.