Devil May Cry - 3 1/2 hours of Gameplay

For those who missed the 3 1/2 hour Gameplay Marathon there is now a VoD of the entire Gameplay Session.

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nofallouthero2256d ago

this made me wait for a price drop.
also does anyone know how many weapons are in the game ive only seen seven so far.

aceitman2256d ago

3hrs and 20 minutes lol.price drop for sure and used.

Hanso2256d ago

this is so easy lmao casual may cry

Skate-AK2256d ago

"3 1/2 hour Gameplay Marathon." I do that almost eveyday.

DragonKnight2256d ago

This is the game getting 9's. This terribly casual game, the same experience as Ninja Gaiden 3 with the same issues, is getting 9's. Justify that apologisers.

CrescentFang2255d ago

I've play Ninja Gaiden 3 on Hard, Master and Ultimate Ninja... the reviews were right to bash the game, but for all the wrong reasons. The Normal difficulty was probably for what you call "casuals" but on the upper difficulties it gets insane to the point of unfair (some people called NG2 unfair... but nothing on NG3's level).
Though from what I'm seeing right now this game doesn't even make it a challenge on DMD or HoH mode.

DragonKnight2255d ago

But see there's the point. Ninja Gaiden 3 has the same flaws that this game has. Everyone blasted the story, for Ryu taking off his mask, for the combat being dumbed down, for the difficulty of the game being inconsistent. These are all things present in DmC and yet the same reviewers that blasted NG3 are praising DmC FOR THE EXACT FLAWS PRESENT IN NG3! (not yelling at you, just showing emphasis, lol) I mean, can someone explain why one game gets blasted for the things another game in the same genre gets praised for?