This Is How Assassin’s Creed 4 Protagonists Will Look If Set In Space, Paris, India And More

GB - "There's a lot of diversity on offer here and you kind of know that Ubisoft has their hands on a gold mine here. The franchise sells a lot and they can keep churning out new games due to the Animus without the plot sounding completely out of place."

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1958d ago
claud31958d ago

neat and i would go for the Paris one

FarEastOrient1957d ago

Brotherhood was the next step within the numbered title. Maybe the French Revolution will be the next part of AC III since the periods are so close together.

irepbtown1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Ubi can honestly take it wherever they want. That's the beauty of Assassins Creed.

Inevitably we'll end up in the modern world with Desmond, however I really like the sound of Assassins Creed in Japan (maybe China). Something new, very original and could be a masterpiece.

brodychet1957d ago

The 1930s america looks amazing.

1956d ago
Mounce1957d ago

I'm honestly already sick and tired of seeing these articles, how many 'IF AC WAS HERE....' 'WHAT IF AC WENT HERE? IT MAY LOOK LIKE THIS!'

Idunno....I just keep rereading what feels like the same bloody thing but for every random given city. Have they said Turkey yet where us as an assassin travel to the city of Batman? Cause oh my how they've not done China yet but am sure an article has done 'WHAT IF CHINA FOR AC' has been overdone enough for Ubi to say China/Japan is too predictable.

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rpd1231957d ago

I still think that China one is f***in awesome.

UnholyLight1957d ago

AGREE. I just am way too attached with fond memories of ACI and ACII. I LOVE the settings that are way back like those ones. So far I find the China, Japan, and French ones to be the most interesting to me. It's just the time periods that they could use for each respective place is such a cool time in history and the way everything looks.

I really wasn't a fan of ACIII at all, needless to say I guess.

first1NFANTRY1957d ago

i would so love to play a Japanese AC. The possibilities are endless. They could easily make an AC game based on many different cultures

Canary1957d ago

They have the whole of human history to play with--the possibilities have -always- been endless.

So long as they don't start recycling the same setting.

TekoIie1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I would love to play as this guy so much!!!

Pretty sure Feudal Japan is one of the most (If not the most) requested locations so it only seems fair that we get an AC game set there :)

first1NFANTRY1957d ago

Totally agree. Feudal Japan would be a great location to explore. The Dynasty Wars would fit AC perfectly

Relientk771957d ago

These images are awesome

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