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This Is How Assassin’s Creed 4 Protagonists Will Look If Set In Space, Paris, India And More

GB - "There's a lot of diversity on offer here and you kind of know that Ubisoft has their hands on a gold mine here. The franchise sells a lot and they can keep churning out new games due to the Animus without the plot sounding completely out of place." (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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claud3  +   611d ago
neat and i would go for the Paris one
FarEastOrient  +   611d ago
Brotherhood was the next step within the numbered title. Maybe the French Revolution will be the next part of AC III since the periods are so close together.
irepbtown  +   610d ago
Ubi can honestly take it wherever they want. That's the beauty of Assassins Creed.

Inevitably we'll end up in the modern world with Desmond, however I really like the sound of Assassins Creed in Japan (maybe China). Something new, very original and could be a masterpiece.
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brodychet  +   610d ago
The 1930s america looks amazing.
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Mounce  +   611d ago
I'm honestly already sick and tired of seeing these articles, how many 'IF AC WAS HERE....' 'WHAT IF AC WENT HERE? IT MAY LOOK LIKE THIS!'

Idunno....I just keep rereading what feels like the same bloody thing but for every random given city. Have they said Turkey yet where us as an assassin travel to the city of Batman? Cause oh my how they've not done China yet but am sure an article has done 'WHAT IF CHINA FOR AC' has been overdone enough for Ubi to say China/Japan is too predictable.
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rpd123  +   611d ago
I still think that China one is f***in awesome.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   611d ago
Totally agree.
UnholyLight  +   611d ago
AGREE. I just am way too attached with fond memories of ACI and ACII. I LOVE the settings that are way back like those ones. So far I find the China, Japan, and French ones to be the most interesting to me. It's just the time periods that they could use for each respective place is such a cool time in history and the way everything looks.

I really wasn't a fan of ACIII at all, needless to say I guess.
first1NFANTRY  +   611d ago
i would so love to play a Japanese AC. The possibilities are endless. They could easily make an AC game based on many different cultures
Canary  +   611d ago
They have the whole of human history to play with--the possibilities have -always- been endless.

So long as they don't start recycling the same setting.
TekoIie  +   611d ago
I would love to play as this guy so much!!!


Pretty sure Feudal Japan is one of the most (If not the most) requested locations so it only seems fair that we get an AC game set there :)
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first1NFANTRY  +   611d ago
Totally agree. Feudal Japan would be a great location to explore. The Dynasty Wars would fit AC perfectly
Relientk77  +   611d ago
These images are awesome
DarkSymbiote  +   611d ago
Wherever it takes place, I hope they get the local language right. Sleeping Dogs has some horrendous Cantonese.
UnholyLight  +   611d ago
Really? I guess I wouldn't know being only an English speaker myself but from my perspective it sounded amazing and added some believability to the setting
T3MPL3TON  +   610d ago
Yeah they did a pretty meh job on the Cantonese.. which is odd because they actually worked with a lot of chinese actors.. You'd think someone would go uh.. this is wrong.
DarkSymbiote  +   610d ago
They all spoke like Californians.
CaptCalvin  +   610d ago
Also the fact that most of the names were spelled with pinyin. They don't do that in Hong Kong.
FarCryLover182  +   611d ago
Space AC would surely be interesting.
TekoIie  +   611d ago
Reverse animus if thats possible :3
alster23  +   611d ago
i like the 1930s one for me it seems like the most radical change and its not just cuz its more modern but cuz of the radical change in the outfit to match the times. also it would make the hidden blade more of a ceremonial weapon only used for your target. i found it pretty annoying how the hidden blade just turned into another weapon to mow enemies down as more games came out.
MaleManSam  +   611d ago
I'd love a Tsar Russia all the way up to Stalin's death. It would be awesome to help Lenin and Trotsky (or be against him ) lead the Bolsheviks and Russia to revolution. Then deal with the aftermath of communism up-ruling.
Eamon  +   611d ago
There's already an Assassin's Creed based on the Bolshevik revolution. It's a comic called AC: The Fall.
maniactadpole  +   611d ago
Paris for me :D
AznGaara  +   611d ago
Whatever happens I hope the protagonist is a female. Lol
devilhunterx  +   611d ago
There already is: ACL on PSVITA
AznGaara  +   610d ago
I have a Vita and played Liberation, so let me rephrase that... I hope the protagonist is another female.
Braid  +   611d ago
Yep, you probably didn't hear of Lady Liberty. :)

Some of these concepts are literally jaw dropping. I love people with vivid imaginations, so I tip my hat to you, good sirs. Wild West would be friggin' great but as they did America with AC3 already I doubt that'd be the next setting.

My favorites are -and always have been- Ancient Egypt and Feudal Japan, though. Ninjas/Samurais vs. Assassins... just think about it.
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porkChop  +   611d ago
Those China concepts look badass. I would LOVE that.
yeahokchief  +   611d ago
I'll finally get around to trying this series if they put one in space... just so i can laugh at how dumb it is.
SageHonor  +   611d ago
The space one looks sick! But AC in space sounds kinda silly
listenkids  +   611d ago
Could look*
Jessewb  +   611d ago
I just can't believe that out of all the female protagonists, only 1 was fully clothed. Seriously wish concept artists would actually realize that mature content shouldn't be sexualised to be mature. I wanna be told a good story, not a teenage kid's wild fantasies.
DragonKnight  +   611d ago
*sigh* Really? What the character is wearing is an issue for you? Does it really matter if the character is fully clothed or naked? What if the people who made those female protagonist drawings were, in fact, female and wanted their character to look like that?
-Gespenst-  +   610d ago
It shouldn't matter, but when it's obvious that the artist is going for overt sex appeal, it becomes a problem.
DragonKnight  +   610d ago
-Gespenst- Why? Why is it a problem? Does a fictional character taint, say, your view of real people in the world? Again, what if it was in fact a woman that made these, or any other similar, drawings? That's the thing with this world. Too many people grant too many immaterial things, concepts, ideas too much power over their world view. Overt sexuality is only a problem if you make it one. This kind of attitude only exists on this side of the world where political correctness runs rampant. Go to places like Paris, where even full on nudity is of no consequence to them, and there is a distinct difference in attitude.
gninja92  +   611d ago
maybe they should have a game without ancient history episodes and just focus on going forward with what happens at the end of AC3 and let you play as desmonds dad or desmond if he is still alive or a new assassin in modern day.
Braid  +   611d ago
Desmond's dad couldn't pull off all these atlethic climbing and stuff I guess. You could argue that Ezio was old in AC Revelations but well, we can all agree that he's just a natural badass so he can do anything just like Old Snake.

Modern day AC with Desmond would be nice though, but wouldn't that be something like Watch Dogs? That similarity alone rules the modern day setting out for the next installment, I think.
gninja92  +   609d ago
maybe but watch dogs doesnt have eagle sense, or parkour. in the movie WAR with jet li they show him using what looked like a credit card with a blade on it. that could be a gadget in a modern day AC. the reason i suggested this is "am ithe only one who wants a modern day AC game. ?" maybe in america where all we have in housing and building designs is perfectly aligned stuff that cant be climbed. it could be set in other areas or just in beat up neighborhoods. the game can take place in mexico , or the amazon with a natural jungle and more tree climbing and make it more of a scavenger type of game in the jungle where they can be in hiding and using guerilla type of fighting against the aliens people that stopped the flare but enslaved humanity. look theres plenty of ideas i got on what a modern day AC game can be at but unfortunately most of the media in Gaaming is outright stupid. so its not like IGN or gamespot or any other major outlet or Gametrailers will ever question them or pressure them. afterall how will they get millions in annoying useless ads. ?
gninja92  +   611d ago
and make it change locations in one game make it where part of the game is in japan, then china, then paris or somethign like that.
Deku-Johnny  +   611d ago
I think the styles for Assassin's in a Victorian England game would be quite cool but I don't think I the setting would be great for a whole game, although that's what most people thought about Colonial American and that ended up being awesome. I still think the Chinese setting would probably be the best way to go for AC4. At the end of the day I'd like any setting as long as it's not set in the future or present.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   611d ago
Assassin's Creed has SOO MUCH potential... just hope Ubisoft takes some of these ideas.
Japan and China ones are VERY good for AC and they NEED to be more creative with modern time gameplay (you know outside Animus) and this pic would be great


ps: Would like to see AC in ancient times too.
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DragonKnight  +   611d ago
Don't much care what the setting is as long as guns are non-existent or very downplayed. The spirit of these games would be ruined with heavy gun use. Even AC3 was borderline too much.
Eamon  +   611d ago
Am I the only one who thought AC3 would have been much better if it were set in the French Revolution rather than the American Revolution. France actually had proper cities and amazing architecture to climb on.
supraking951  +   611d ago
Watch Dogs= Assassins Creed 4
J86blum  +   610d ago
Ok, some of these are stupid. why put an "ASSASSIN" in shogun or samuri armor... and the ones look heavy packed down with armor, gear, and weapons. Almost everyone one of these showing the Assassin packed to the nines with gear or being already showing alliance to some sort of faction based on what they are wearing. -.-

They make the assassin in each drawing seem like a hard ass top tier human. its an assassin..ASSASSIN, as in minimalistic, in and out, not fighting everything that moves.

Firearms are fine in games, just teaches you not to charge in like a clown and get lit up. Plan your attack. People who have complained about firearms in the last two Assassins Creed simply didn't plan out their attack, or simply sneak to the target, use your items.
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-Gespenst-  +   610d ago
A LOT of these are crappy and silly, but Kangiason's Japan ones are cool, as is Merkymer's Indian one.

Major lol at the Scottish one.

The china ones are just incredible.
Shotcalm  +   610d ago
viking. or something new that we havent seen alot of before..like egypt or mexico
JRoyale  +   610d ago
I'd like to see an AC in India during their occupation by the English.
uiyewiusdfo   610d ago | Spam
TBONEJF  +   610d ago
That looks bad ass. but doesn't it kinda look like GUYVER but it have a curve face on it though
Ares84HU  +   610d ago
Some nice concept art right here.
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