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Submitted by robser73 1124d ago | rumor

IBM may introduce the new CELL chip for Sony next-gen console ?

Sony and IBM still together?

IBM still supports the CELL Broadband Engine, signed Sony Playstation! The official website continues to offer the chip created for the Playstation 3 and displays it proudly in the company's history with the symbols of buttons on the pad, and has signed also agreements with Toshiba (the CELL is present in his REGZA TV) and have achieved server supercomputer. (Next-Gen, Tech)

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Shanks  +   1124d ago
Not a chance.
user3915800  +   1123d ago
No it wont happened, Sony already stated they are going with multi procesors, so no cell and to be honest im glad there is no cell on the ps4.
decrypt  +   1123d ago
Cell is over rated imo, its only Sony fanboys cheer leading it, hell even Sony themselves have stopped.

Its a fact had Sony released the PS3 with a normal CPU and GPU like the 8800GTX, the PS3 would have easily been capable of running most of its games in 1080p @ 60fps.

While Cell is better than a standard CPU when it comes to doing graphics, thats because CELL was designed to do graphics a CPU isnt designed for that job. However against a real GPU Cell stands no chance. It would absolutely fail even against the RSX, let alone anything that was relevant at the time the PS3 was released aka the 8800GTX.

CELL tried to do everything at once CPU tasks and GPU tasks and ended up being bad at both of them. It cant compete with a Dual core CPU when it comes to general purpose tasks, while it absolutely gets devastated by 4-5 year old GPUs. Proof is in the pudding, With Sony running at the last moment to Nvidia for help. Had their been no RSX in the PS3 there was no way it was going to compete with Xbox 360 even with 2 cells on it.

Coming to the current time. It takes billions of USD to develop chips. IBM is no where near a contender in the graphics business. Even if they did update the CELL it wouldnt stand a chance against any of the current offerings from Nvidia or AMD. Hence it would be in Sonys best interest to go with a standard CPU and a good strong GPU from AMD.

AMD and Nvidia have put in years or work and billions of USD into these chips, there is no way IBM can compete in this department with either of them. Sony would be better of putting the extra money toward a better GPU than to invest in upgrading the Cells ancient design.


Here come the disagrees lol, for the disbelievers go ahead put together a 4 year old PC with a dual core CPU and a 8800GTX watch as it will play most console ports in 1080p. Something which PS3 will barely do in 720p, despite any sort of optimization from the Cell.

Hence for the PS4 it would be in Sony best interest to drop the Cell watch and see as thats exactly whats going to happen.
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blackbeld  +   1123d ago
Maybe, if so then it will easy be backward compatible.

Still rumour, we should wait and see.
yewles1  +   1123d ago
*sigh* decrypt, WHY are you comparing the PS3 to a graphics card that had cost $50 MORE than the whole console at launch?
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zebramocha  +   1123d ago
@yewles do you have a time frame for your next video? I like them and your intros,going up and down my inner tubes.
steve30x  +   1123d ago
@ decrypt : If you put an 8800GTX into a console the console would die within an hour because the 8800GTX got extremely hot. With the stock cooler it would reach up to 95 celcius.
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DeadlyFire  +   1123d ago
Only reason I see is for PS3 compatibility for PS3 games. Which is very likely to be in at least the first wave of consoles.

Cell is not necessary anymore. Power series is a parallel or better to it now really. I personally believe Power7 is the successor to the Cell tech.

32 threads in 8 core Power7 Cell 2 was aimed to have 32 SPUs. What is the real difference between 32 SMT threads and 32 SPUs. Its possible the performance was equal or lesser than Power7 series CPUs that were coming out which could be the main factor in it getting canned.

Cell up to 256 Gflops.
Power7 264 Gflops and is more efficient at keeping that pace.

Power8 Could possibly stomp both of them, but doubtful Power8 is coming along side AMD APU, but it technically could. Just doesn't seem like enough room in the system.
sikbeta  +   1123d ago
2 things:

.CELL is dead as a viable chip

.Unless you want to buy a $599 console again and Sony want to be the laughing stock for another generation... it's just better to cut expensive PS3-BC and go for an affordable console that is easy to sell

Now, when Sony unveil the PS4 and tell there is no PS3-BC, people will RAGE! and XBX8 will have another advantage compared to PS4
Enemy  +   1123d ago
Nope, the Cell Saga is over, folks. They're moving on to better, simpler things.

Unless you were expecting:

Sony: And now for our worst kept secret...the PS4!
Sony: be powered by the most advanced and most complex architecture ever put into a single chip. PlayStation fans, I give you the Cell 2!
Microsoft: (laughs)
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nukeitall  +   1123d ago
I hope Cell isn't returning for Sony's own sake. I want to see the PS4 flourish and be a serious competitor in the industry.

The industry needs it.
Ulf  +   1123d ago
Enemy, you just stuck a red sign on your head, with the word "CPU clueless" on it.

The next gen platforms will probably have barely the performance of the Cell, when it comes to some tasks, like movie-quality animation, and good physics -- its a real shame, from a CPU and gamer standpoint, that we won't see a quad-core, 16-32 SPU Cell this next gen.
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DragonKnight  +   1123d ago
@nukeitall: BAHAHAHAHAHA! That was a good one. Oh wait, you're serious? Gee, what can one say to that. Hmm, well I guess the PS3 didn't have the best looking console games of the gen. Oh, it did? Well damn. I guess the PS3 didn't sell at a faster rate globally than the 360 (meaning it was more desired throughout the world) and has likely surpassed it now. Oh, they did that too? Gee, I wonder how anyone could come to the conclusion that the Playstation brand isn't flourishing. Oh, an MS fanboy? That explains a lot.
nukeitall  +   1123d ago

The Playstation brand is the weakest it has ever been as reflected by the marketshare of each respective company.

Seeing how I hurt your feeling with a pretty innocent comment, it is clear who is the real fanboy is!
hesido  +   1123d ago
It wasn't Cell that held back PS3, it was the RSX. CELL's cycles were used to make up for it (e.g. Vertex skinning on Xbox is usually done straight on Xenos, while for PS3, this had to be done on the Cell to get better performance.)

I hope PS4 has an butt-kicking graphics card where you can throw anything including aiding the cpu for some tasks, not like on Ps3 where it was the other way around. Then it can have whatever CPU they like.
ATi_Elite  +   1123d ago
The Cell.........
although "SOME" people believe The Cell is the second coming, can cure Cancer, and get them a date with Megan Fox or Megan Good........

hate to bust your bubbles but the Cell is Dead!

. IBM has taken it's Cell Servers off-line
. Toshiba has no plans for the Cell in it's Next Gen TV's
. Sony has already said x86-64 for PS4
. Toshiba sold the Cell plant back to Sony and Sony will use the Cell manufacturing plant to make sensors for cameras and other parts but NO Cell manufacturing!

The Cell was a nice chip but it just doesn't fit in too nicely in a x86 world no matter how much power you give the PPE part of it!

True no PS4 News has been given but Sony saying NO to the Cell for the PS4 did slip out and you only have to read a SOny or IBM or Toshiba Financial report to know that Sony is not making any Cell Processors and Neither is IBM or Toshiba!
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trenso1  +   1123d ago
Yell Dead Cell!

(hope they get the reference)
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DarkHeroZX  +   1123d ago
Sony has not confirmed anything on the ps4. They where testing how much power it would take to run GT5 at 4k resolution and it took 4 ps3's to do so. So at minimum they need 4 cells which 1 new one blows the current cell out of the water. They need a minimum of 1 gig of vram and 1 gig of system ram to play a ps3 game at 4k, and atleast a 660 gtx or equal graphic card. We'll what Sony does though. This could help keep cost low for the next console.
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Irishguy95  +   1124d ago
I hope they stick with Cell, so the system will be backwards compat with the Ps3.
IG-88  +   1123d ago
well if they do not go with the cell next gen than Gaikai could be used for backwards compatibility.
guitarded77  +   1123d ago
Yeah, but I have a collection of about 200 disc games. If they go cloud, they damn well better have a system in place where I can play the games I already paid for, for free or I'll be pi$$ed.
Cueil  +   1123d ago
how about this... keep your PS3... when you're done with your PS3 sell it and all your games on EBay... till then keep it hooked up. It's not going to poison your PS4 because you play with it more. They are consoles, not women.
Saigon  +   1123d ago
A while back I asked a question if Sony decided to use the cell chip with the supposedly graphics chip they implied from AMD. I received some various answers.

What if the APU is a custom chip using the cell technology (not necessarily the cell chip) with a weak GPU for the low end processing and an off the shelf high end GPU + APU (Previously mentioned) for high end processing. Do you think that will work.

Or what if they decide to use the cell chip as the main processor and the APU + GPU will be used for all game processing, of course in combination with the cell, could that work?
Grandmaster-B  +   1124d ago
I hope so, the re-bought cell fabrics could consider this.

Cell2 FTW
dubt72  +   1124d ago
TheBreezyBB  +   1124d ago
Wouldn't it be better if Sony are indeed using a new Cell Processor?
Think about, BC and easier workflow for most developers, as they would not need to start all over again with some new hardware.
MasterCornholio  +   1124d ago | Well said
True some people are freaking out because they believe that CELL is difficult to develop for but the truth is that developers have had 6 years to program for the processor so its normal that they get used to it. I really dont see why sony cant use a better version of the cell processor.
Pandamobile  +   1124d ago
Maybe they got tired of seeing their platform get the ass-end of pretty much every multiplatform game?

Use a more standard architecture: More happy devs, more happy players because multiplatform PS4 games don't look inferior to the same game on a next-gen Xbox.
Consoldtobots  +   1123d ago
I dont know what's been hated on more this gen the cell or the PS3.
2pacalypsenow  +   1124d ago
After playing the GOW Beta and seeing those graphics I say keep the cell!
Tsar4ever  +   1124d ago
It's GOOD that Sony is not totally abandoning the cell tech entirely. The tech has astronomic capabilities and as long it's tech is used for SERVER and other broadband streaming tech purposes and NOT as a gaming solution, than fine, keep developing it to it's highest potential.

Just don't use it's tech for a Sony video-gaming platform AGAIN! At least until the vidgaming development society as a whole is way more better acquainted with it's unique technology.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   1123d ago
1st party devs disagree with you. Last of us, GOW proves the cell is a very capable gaming solution
Tsar4ever  +   1123d ago
Cell is a very capable Vgaming solution, you say? then you should read this then.

Now on to my response,

Thats why I said "vidgaming dev society AS A WHOLE" I know 1st party devs got the cell processor figured out, but the "vast majority" of games coming out this gen and well as next-gen and so on comes from 3rd party devs and also will be multi-platform, not 1st party.

If you think that Sony going to win the next-gen console race by relying ONLY on 1st party titles, Then you haven't learned anything from this gen. Why the hell you think Sony had decided to dumped the cell for the orbis anyway? Sony needs all devs supporting it's system full tilt, 1st, 3rd & independent. And that how Sony may own next-gen.

Sony needs FULL 3rd party support more than ever next-gen not only so multi-plats games won't be inferior to neXbox's, cuz the neXbox already has one great advantage coming out the gate, "full backward compatibility to x360 games"! The general hardware code should be no different than the x360's, just up-graded. So I'm sure 360 games will work on the neXbox. The
orbis won't share that luxury this time. But with traditional x86 AMD PC-ish hardware Sony should have a much better chance at competing with Microsoft & maybe win back some of the dev support x360 took away from them this gen.
rainslacker  +   1123d ago
And how would they become acquainted with it's unique technology if there is no place for them to apply that knowledge in the meantime.

Seriously, the development community has had 6 years to become acquainted with it. If they haven't done so by now then nothing is going to change that. It's only going to happen if it is forced on them, similar to the way the Emotion Engine caught on because it was dominant in the PS2.

Major 3rd party developers aren't hacks. They are extremely talented and can figure this stuff out.

Now, all that being said, you are right on your main point. Given the trends in development today, it makes much more sense to go with what is easier for the devs.

However, the cell processor itself is a beast for doing things that are necessary for games. The current mindset of x86 is just to throw more power at it and make more efficient use of architecture to increase processing power. It will eventually come to a breaking point, at which time new things will be needed. The cell itself was designed to scale along this nature, thus it was set up to be a long term solution. Unfortunately it came out too soon, and had too much resistance among the community that it was supposed to help.
xXtremeHDGamerXx  +   1124d ago
I want Skynet in my Playstation 4!
TheKayle  +   1124d ago
boh not a single chance imho
hardcorehippiez  +   1123d ago
a cell / other cpu hybrid will ensure backward compatibility, and remember sony owns cell so to include it into ps4 wont cost that much extra. do it sony
refocusedman  +   1123d ago
The cell more ram and a better optimized graphics card would be a win win for sony and consumers. More processing power and cheaper development of the system due to already established architecture.
hawkeyejonjon  +   1123d ago
Didn't IBM stop making the cell? i thought they did
rainslacker  +   1123d ago
It depends. The idea of cell is still in use, and will continue to be. It's just moving more towards hybrid multi-core processing chips.

Cell in this instance is more of a concept rather than an implementation.

What you ask about was from a 2009 report, however IBM stated that they only stopped development of a particular chip (the 32 SPE model IIRC).

Incidentally, at that time IBM did state that they were working on the PS4 CPU. However that chip was supposed to be ready in 2011 I believe, and 2 years can change a lot of things. OTOH, if it was supposed to be ready at the end of 2011, then it's only been just over a year since it was ready. That would be about the right amount of time to design the rest of the system around it.
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TheGamerDood  +   1123d ago
thought they were going with AMD for CPU as well as the GPU..? I would prefer for them to go with whatever makes it easier for devs to code for the platform.
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SolDojo  +   1123d ago
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo .

Just, nooooooooo.

Really, this is not happening. If anything defeated PS3 over the long term, it was not the cost or the late release, it was the absurd difficulty of taking advantage of the Cell. Sony would be insane to put Devs through an even more complex development pipeline to get games on their console next gen.

That's my 2 rupees at least.
Nicaragua  +   1123d ago
Except that the PS3 isn't defeated in any way over the long term so your argument is kinda absurd.
SolDojo  +   1123d ago
Actually no, I wasn't making some fanboy remark about wining the sales race of this console cycle, I was talking about what made the PS3, apart from everything else, a tough sell, standing alone on it's own merits. I'm talking about it's inherent design flaws, not what makes it better than an XBox... something can be the best and still not be perfect ... in fact nothing is and it is 100% no question that Sony is looking at what caused their struggles this gen, and the main thing they will find is that the Cell processor took to much R and D time, causing them to come to market late, raised the price of the system to exorbitant levels at release, causing sales to suffer greatly, and was a nightmare for new developers to take full advantage of, causing AAA third party support to slow.

Say what you will, disagree, whatever, the above words are truth.
chukamachine  +   1123d ago

Some multiplats are better on 360, some are not.

Which does prove something I guess.

The main thing that let the PS3 down, was the RSX. Not the cell.

If the PS4 had the same cell now and 4gb ram and a hefty GPU. It would easily pump out some decent games.

Think about it, main thing that bottlenecked the PS3 was bandwidth of RSX, problems with foliage in games. Lack of AA because of bandwidth.

all RSX is 128bit 7800.

I'm surprised tbh that Sony did not carry on with cell. Hit the ground running.

We'll see in due course.
reynod  +   1123d ago
So why did Sony opt for the RSX if it was so bad? Why not just implement 2 Cells?

It was their own production, would have been cheaper in the long run. Why get a RSX from Nvidia if it was so bad?

Sony must have known something you dont to have taken the RSX from Nvidia despite Nvidia being so costly.
zebramocha  +   1123d ago
From my understanding it was a last minute thing,the intention for the ps3 was,for it to have two cell processor working together or something like that.

@elhe they were just rumors,it's unclear if they are using amd tech but before rumors started saying Sony was to use amd tech,there was one saying that they were going to use a updated cell and powervr series 6 gpu,it's interesting because it named the psvita before it was announced,the rumor is from late 2009,the title is Sony gets Unequalled Graphics.
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elhebbo16  +   1123d ago
what happen to the rumor about an AMD processor or an APU? I'm not saying the cell is bad or anything..
kwyjibo  +   1123d ago
I'd say Sony going back with the Cell would be significantly more likely than going for an x86 AMD solution (which we've seen rumoured on N4G before).

The tools and technology should be there already. It would not require the massive R+D investment up front, which Sony can't afford this time around. It'd make backwards compatability a lot easier - which is going to be a bigger issue given how much stronger the PC space is right now compared to last time.
Flandy  +   1123d ago
Isn't it already rumored that sony is going with AMD?
BitbyDeath  +   1123d ago
'rumoured' being the key word
kingPoS  +   1123d ago
Cell Backwards compatibility on the ps4 via upgrade add-on - I'm calling it.

It makes perfect sense if Sony does it that way. Sony can keep the PS4's cost down and those that want BC can buy the upgrade. If I recall Sony had come out with a relating patent several years ago. Who knows what may come of it?
#20 (Edited 1123d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
steve30x  +   1123d ago
Even though developers got used to developing for the Cell processor they are still complaining that its a pain to develop games for it. I would think that sony should go with a CPU / GPU (Something like the Intel i series CPUs with built in graphics) or a half decent quad core CPU and half decent GPU. They could go with a high end GPU but that will only drive the cost of the console up and a lot of people dont want a very expensive console.
kevnb  +   1123d ago
Well without knowing anything about what IBM and Sony are doing what's the point of discussing it? People here are making comments based on pr , not any actual knowledge.
miacosa  +   1123d ago
This report is FALSE, Sony has already stated that it will be using common industry hardware to make its next console. So that developers have an easier tine games unike the barrier to entry the cell introduced in the PS3. This next gen is pretty much going to be all about services available on each console rather than the hardware specs.
one2thr  +   1123d ago
What's to say the Cell isn't going to be used as a safety measure?...
It's a beast at crunching numbers, these same coded numbers that maybe have to run through as a "gate" (safety measure) in order to be read and processed by another processor set GPU/CPU, which in turn will make pirating PS4/Orbis games best impossible to play on EVERYTHING, that's not a PS4/Orbis...

But then again, I remember reading that its easier to daisy chain Cell processors, compared to standard processors, and if Sony decides to take the route of having a console that has always followed their trend of being 10 times stronger than its predecessor, then I can say there is absolutely nothing that I have to worry about for the next gen PlayStation Home Console....

#24 (Edited 1123d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BitbyDeath  +   1123d ago
Sony know more than anyone here what is best so whatever they go with you just gotta deal with.
dfgeroigoidfg   1123d ago | Spam
Max-Zorin  +   1123d ago
Smh at some of these comments. PS3 and 360 fanboys need to stop going back and forth like bitter married people. It's really old now.
Yodagamer  +   1123d ago
I doubt sony will go with the cell again. I have no doubt in my mind for the money they spent on the cell processor at launch i'm sure they could have put a cpu on the 360's level (if not better) and a gpu that would produce graphics on the ps3 level (again if not better)
cee773  +   1123d ago
You realize the cell is more powerful than xenos(Xbox 360 CPU)
Do you also realize xenos is based off cell right?
Yodagamer  +   1123d ago
Yes i do, but some of the cell's power is used to produce graphics, which if they had a better gpu they wouldn't need that extra cpu power if they included a better gpu. If they would have gone with a tradition cpu, they could have put a better gpu in the console at the price point they sold the ps3 at.
joeorc  +   1123d ago
" If they would have gone with a tradition cpu, they could have put a better gpu in the console at the price point they sold the ps3 at."

and if they did , How does that make your 1st party developer's ready for the new refinement's of the new cpu/gpu Hybrid chipset's that will or was coming out in the next 6-7 year's?

It does'nt. Take a look at 1st party effort's by Microsoft and take a look at 1st party effort's by Sony. out of both companies which companies 1st party effor's are better suited for Multi-core Hybrid chip development, to get the most out of the chip's.

Name a 1st party developer of Microsoft that really pushed the xbox360's hardware, for their 1st party development like the 1st party over at Sony has pushed the PS3 hardware. Its not just about sales. do you want your team of software engineer's to grow in skill or remain mostly static?

there is nothing wrong with the Quality of the xbox360 game's just like the PS3's quality in software that's not the point, its mostly about getting their software teams that are 1st party to offer them a better chance of being better software developer's, with cleaner code, you cannot do that unless their challenged!
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Master of Unlocking  +   1123d ago
@ Tsar4ever
" cuz the neXbox already has one great advantage coming out the gate, "full backward compatibility to x360 games"!
Hum..what? Did I miss some news here? How do you know that please?
WitWolfy  +   1123d ago
Its a fact the nextbox will be "forward compatible"... This was announced back in 2009 by a source (cant find it unfortunately here on N4G) Meaning... Any 360 game that work on the current 360 will work on the nextbox as well, but thats not all!

When you play the current 360 game on the nextbox it will also improve the graphics too (or so the article claimed) seeing that the newer Xbox has an upgraded DirectX version (DirectX 11 maybe?) compared to the DirectX 9.1 the 360 has at the moment.

Meaning EVERy 360 game will have a slight face lift on new console.

When I first read this I was sceptical to see how MS were going to pull this off.. And as the new generation draws near one can do nothing but wait to see if its true!
Bladesfist  +   1123d ago
You know nothing about Graphics APIs, you have to take advantage of DX11 features for it to make any difference at all. Even though some high end cards get better frames with the DX11 pipeline.
WitWolfy  +   1123d ago
Oh hush Sally. Here are some links I provided below to prove my point. Just because you never read news about forward compatibility doesnt mean it doesnt exist... Dumb ass
Bladesfist  +   1123d ago
SO you believe that because a graphics card supports an API all games created for the previous will use it. You also believe that the 720 will be able to detect the view distance variables and adjust them to make use of the extra power. Get real.
steve30x  +   1123d ago
Forward Compatibility? Whats that LMAO. Your calling him a dumb ass and your saying Forward Compatibility.
WitWolfy  +   1122d ago
I'll meet you guys at the finish line when the next Xbox drops telling you.. "TOLD YOU SO!"

Watch this space...
Adolph Fitler  +   1123d ago
Oh damn it would be nice if this is true & we get some kind of Cell support in PS4, even if there is just a cheap, basic Cell in there to allow full PS3 game b/c.
Also would be nice if our PSN accounts could be accessed & used of PS4, and all bought Store content could be transferred over or re-downloaded onto the PS4, without any extra charges.
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