Top 13 Holy Shit Gaming Moments of 2012

GR - "These moments can range from scripted events designed by the game developers themselves, to provide scenes which define players' memories of any given game."

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NukaCola1865d ago

2 COD and 2 Resident Evil 6 spots....making this year look week. Borderlands 2? Journey? I think there is something wrong with these people.

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Timesplitter141864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

My 13 biggest holy shit gaming moments of 2012 and of all time were probably while playing DayZ, to be honest. This game is just unlike any other.

Just having a regular player shooting in your direction is more intense than this whole list combined. The sound bullets make... sooo unnerving, it's just incredible.

Detoxx1864d ago

Agree. You didn't mention The Last Of Us, on N4G that means disagree's

SilentNegotiator1864d ago

1) Last of Us didn't come out in 2012.

2) Some people don't like DayZ (and/or would disagree that the game ever has that spectacular of moments).

Cam9771864d ago

From the top of my head here are a few:
• Dark Souls: 2 trailer
• GRAND THEFT AUTO: V screenshots/second trailer, both of which were warmly welcomed after a year's blackout in GRAND THEFT AUTO related information.
• TLOU trailer.
• Playing Uncharted on the Vita.
• GT5 running on a 4K screen.

Riderz13371864d ago

The Last of Us VGA trailer.

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The story is too old to be commented.