Developers on the next-gen nature of Wii U and its potential

GE: "Is the Wii U a next-gen console? Some will say yes, others will say no. This is a topic that has been debated since Nintendo announced the console at E3 2011, and will likely be a point of discussion in the future."

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exfatal1922d ago

glad to hear some good things about the wii U

Phil321921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

The 13 disagrees prove to me that some supposed "gamers" in this industry would rather see a console they don't like do bad even though it would not be good for the industry they are supposed to love. Absolutely shameful.

Exactly what is wrong with hearing good things about the Wii U? Does it make the haters' sphincters bleed? Does it make them cry like the children they are? And yes, they ARE children because adults don't act like that.

exfatal1921d ago

I couldnt agree more, im nto a fan of xbox,, but because of that i just dont go to 360 related articles, but apparently some people find it absolutely necessary to take time out of their day to hate on a system they probably dont even own 9or plan on owning. its funny in a sad way.

Old McGroin1921d ago

@ corrus

I don't really care if it's "next-gen" or not, I haven't owned a Nintendo console since the SNES so I'm excited at the chance to finally play games like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Mario Kart, Starfox etc... in high definition. Well, that is when they're actually released! I didn't buy the Wii U so I could brag to my friends that I have a "next-gen" console (most of my friends didn't even know there WAS a new Wii!), I bought it because I know that when the AAA Nintendo titles start appearing they'll have that epic nostalgic feel that only Nintendo IPs seems to have that reminds me of why I became a gamer. Nintendo games are fun and don't need to rely on hyper real graphics to show their worth.

1921d ago
PopRocks3591922d ago

Basically what I got from this is "The Wii U CAN produce some nice looking games, but that's not the point of the platform." Considering that not a single game for it pushes the console, I doubt we're close to seeing its full potential from a gameplay or graphical standpoint.

EddieNX 1922d ago

The wiiu is a LEAP over current consoles. Here's why.

When the xbox 360 launched 90% of the games looked the same as xbox 1 with a higher resolution and some tacked on textures here and there. Some sports games even had framerate issues. And the consoles was generally regarded as a RROD disaster.

All those things were due to Microsoft rushing to get their console out first and hassling devs to do the same with games. So everything turned out poo poo.
A similar thing has happened with wiiu.

The graphics are the same as 360 ,in a few cases a tiny bit worse in some cases a tiny bit better. AKA ''on par''.
But it's not the graphics of the Wiiu that is important.

It's the Off screen play , Asymetric play and generaly having a big ass touch screen controller that demonstrates the leap. Obviously the graphics will be awesome by the end of 2013 and it will at least be demonstrating graphics that are clearly ahead of 360/ps3 albeit clearly behind 720/ps4.

1upgamer991922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Games on 360 looked and played like CRAP upon realease...RUSHED AND MORE RUSHED...Yeah and not only did the games play badly (oh gosh accept for Halo 2) RING OF DEATH...Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone that would like to argue I had a 360 day 1...

TheNocturnus1922d ago

I had a 360 day one as well, I still have my receipt. You can't tell me that COD 2 looked and played like crap. That game was the best launch game and it's graphics blew away anything we had seen on consoles previously. Kameo looked pretty sweet as well.

ape0071922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Perfect Dark Zero looks much better than zombie u and it was released in 2005

Old McGroin1921d ago

Reality disagrees with you.

ape0071920d ago

reality says u haven't play PDZ

PJF_Josh1922d ago

Yeah, and how'd that work out for Microsoft in the long run? Just sayin'

lfclee1922d ago

I fully agree with you , why there are so many wii u haters is because ?
The Only People That Are Mad At You
For Speaking The Truth
Are Those People Who Are Liveing Lie !
Always Tell The Truth !

Nevers0ft1922d ago

I couldn't agree more! Either due to ignorance or downright fanboyism some people refuse to acknowledge that hardware takes time to learn and exploit. There will be a significant leap in the Wii U 2nd generation games, as there will be with the 3rd.

Heck, the Demoscene is still managing to push some 8 and 16bit machines into performing new tricks 30 years after they were released.

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Deku-Johnny1922d ago

It took three or four years to find out what the PS3 could do. I reckon we'll see some fantastic games on Wii U in a few years not only in graphical terms but I'm sure some very creative people will come up with some amazing ideas for the gamepad.

specsmatter1921d ago

It didnt take thre to four years to get awesome looking games and truly nxt gen games on the ps3 sorry but Resistance was launch and look what reviewers stated "truly next gen" heavenly sword was shortly after and lair and looked awesome at the time and then of course came mgs4 one of the best games of all time so i dont know where ppl get this info from.

Thats the problem with wiiu neither at launch or any time after did it have one game that looked or felt next gen like all the other systems had. Zombi u was suppose to be that game and looks worse than four year old games so you guys can keep stating lies but it just isnt true.

Deku-Johnny1921d ago

That's the thing you don't understand. The 7th gen only really look 'next gen' at the time because of the whole HD thing. PS4 and 720 aren't going to look much better than 7th gen just like Wii U doesn't right now. Just like PS2 didn't look much better than PS1 when it first came out. Not every gen can have a massive leap.

Nevers0ft1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

The eShop is probably the home of the two best looking Wii U games at the moment - Trine 2 DC and Nanostray. It might be due to the faster turnaround and lower overall complexity of games intended for the eShop that allowed them to focus on the graphics more, but they're damned fine looking games that *would* have to take a graphics hit to work on the 360 or PS3 - Trine is simply sublime and Nanostray has DoF effects everywhere.... Don't take my word for it though, the developers have said the same.

lfclee1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

You speak a lot of sense pity the fanboys didn't Welldone ! Here's a Bubble .

AO1JMM1922d ago

It is next gen nintendo and that is all that matters.

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