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Why I'm obsessed with Manhunt

CVG:Obsessed with Manhunt? What am I? Some kind of sicko? Some kind of psycho who murderises people with plastic bags? Who gets enjoyment from a game that the peace loving people of New Zealand are banned from playing to this very day? Who keeps asking himself questions? About his own state of mind? Well, yes... and if ever there was a game that encouraged internal dialogue, Rockstar's darkly fascinating Manhunt is it. (Culture, manhunt)

NYC_Gamer  +   747d ago
R* should bring us another Manhunt game
NukaCola  +   747d ago
I'd love a next gen Manhunt. Something really violent.

Also, would love a sequel to Bully.
NYC_Gamer  +   747d ago
I agree,Bully is another gem that R* needs to bring back to life.
Cam977  +   747d ago
Yes I want to be able to open people up with a blunt object then withdraw their insides and bathe in them.

Wasn't the first one violent enough?

And your second point is something I thoroughly agree with, Bully really needs a sequel. Hopefully they'll revive the franchise similar to the way in which they revived the Red Dead series.
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LOL_WUT  +   747d ago
I'm totally obsessed with Manhunt 1 and 2. Loved the little mini games in Manhunt 1 especially the little brawler mini game and I loved hearing all the obscenities they yelled throughout the game.

Manhunt 2 was totally different and although it came out late in the PS2 lifecycle I still bought it. I even went as far as to take the damn filters off which is possible using a code and a GameShark CD. I'm eagerly waiting for the next installment ;)
Jobesy  +   747d ago
I guess the US isn't the only country obsessed with violence like the media and xenophobes would have people believe.
-Gespenst-  +   747d ago
Ya see, you can look at games like this and Hotline Miami and say, yeah they're meant to make me feel uncomfortable- meant to elicit a dialogue with myself, but they still play like regular games. They reward you relentlessly for doing all this messed up shit.

Any game that claims it's making the gamer ask serious questions of themselves like the aforementioned games I distrust. It's a pretense these games put up to seem intellectual when really they're just reward-fetish crazy like every other game.

I don't know, on one level it IS clever, but I feel like most people who play games like these don't see beyond "kill people = Better guns + I win."

By using a videogame structure of reward and victory, these games are trying to get you to see how problematic such structures are, and how they cultivate fetishism (not of the sexual kind btw), but I think people just lap them up like they would in a non-violent game.
LuCifer845  +   747d ago
I was obsessed for the longest time with manhunt. Not BC I'm a sicko. To me its the epitome of a video game so violent it couldnt be done anywhere else. Its very simple to play yet will scare the shit out of you if played correctly. The 2nd was good but nothing like manhunt.
Sandmano  +   747d ago
Manhunt 1 is the best SP experience I have had in all my years of gaming it was gripping and thrilling from begining to end, no game has made me feel so tense while playing it, I felt like I was James Earl Cash and that I was in this scary hostile enviroment.

No game has ever made me jump out of my seat and that happened a couple of times in Manhunt heck I even dropped my ps2 on the floor because I jumped out of my seat and yanked the controller, good times...

It s also one of the few games that surpassed the hype I had for it.
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MeatAbstract  +   747d ago
Manhunt was phenomenal when it came to atmosphere. I remember playing it when I was 15/16 and it enveloped me completely.

It was a very slow, methodical game as you moved from shadow to shadow, stalking your prey (was even better in Hardcore Mode) and waiting for the right time to pounce.

I loved the prison level. It had a great 80's horror film synth soundtrack and the prison had a dirtied white walled look straight from a horror film. The atmosphere there and most of the game, was thick.

Rockstar should certainly make another one without the gimmicks of motion control and not be afraid of censorship.
N8  +   747d ago
One of my favorite games of all time.

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