Free-to-Play Mythos Interview: Taylor Balbi

IncGamers' Pig and Elvyra from, have interviewed Taylor Balbi on Games Developer Convention 2008, and talks a bit about Flagships "redeeming" game Mythos, in the light of Hellgate's "bumpy" launch.

Pig asks questions of a wide range and finds out more on how Mythos came to be, the Diablo heritage of it, that the next race will be Cyclops, general class information, how the "payment" method of this free-to-play game will work, and how Flagship learned from the Hellgate release.

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Leord3946d ago

Sorry, added to interview instead of video now :)

Jeepers! Mythos does indeed look good enough to BEAT Hellgate, the "real" game in popularity. It might actually become even more profitable than Hellgate.