Tomb Raider Launch Will Get Special PS3 Controller receives the news from Bigben Interactive that they will launch some accessories along with the release of the Tomb Raider reboot in March. European PS3 owners can look forward to a branded PS3 controller with backlighting.

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Adityac1923d ago

Looks like some shitty £5 controller with a 1 week life.

Blastoise1923d ago

The kind of controller you give to your friend. "No you have that one" whilst you grab the Dualshock 3.

majiebeast1923d ago

Yeah i dont know how many piranha and other shitty third party controllers my friends broke, with mario party,double dash and melee. I think it was around 5 so it wouldve been cheaper to buy real gc controllers from nintendo since then i never buy any third party junk.

Phoenix761923d ago

i'll only be interested in it, if it comes free with the game..... otherwise.... pass :)

Cam9771923d ago

Why would I want to be reminded of a copycat game each time I play my PS3?

dirthurts1922d ago

Everyone over 13 knows Tomb Raider was first.
Give it up.

sdozzo1923d ago

Enjoy Europe. We won the war.
sincerely the USA

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The story is too old to be commented.