EA's $2 billion bid for Take Two bad news for sports gaming

Ben Kuchera of Ars Technica writes: "While everyone seems to be focusing on Grand Theft Auto 4, however, there is another important piece of this puzzle that cannot be ignored: Take Two, which owns 2K Sports, is the only other power player in sports gaming on the market. EA has just extended its exclusive deal with the NFL until 2013, and an acquisition of Take Two would put EA in control of the only strong competitor left in sports gaming. 2K Sports releases the popular NBA 2K, College Hoops, Major League Baseball, and NHL 2K series, among others."

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PS360WII3946d ago

Ewww yeah EA would have all sports under it's shadow. I like my 2k sports!

pharmd3946d ago

yeah and even if you dont like 2k sports, without 2k, which is EA sports major competition, EA can easily have monopolies on all sports like they do the NFL and we all know how bad that is...

terrible terrible terribl!

sonarus3946d ago

2k sprts is better than ea sports in pretty much every sport category. If ea buys them out ea sports could become 2k sports but under a different name and then that way they could at least still maintain the same quality. But thats an optimistic point of view.

marinelife93946d ago

It sucks for Hockey fans but PS3 owners have alternate competition for Baseball and Basketball.

MikeGdaGod3946d ago

i just got NBA 2K8 and i love it. its way better than Live. EA games have gone to sh!t the last few years.

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Silellak3946d ago

Whenever I see an "EA" article, I hear the Imperial March in my head.

darkvenom3946d ago

whenever I see an EA article I think of this....

PStriple7033946d ago

i want nba 2k! don't let this happen

superman3946d ago

I prefer nba 2k to nba live. Up yours EA.

kevanio093946d ago

if you cant beat 'em, buy 'em

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The story is too old to be commented.