Wii U Profits Boost Nintendo Stock

Infendo:''Some have wondered if the Wii U, after its short lifespan, can really hang with Sony and Microsoft.  The wonder turned to worry when stock levels were readily available around the holidays, unlike the original Wii console.  Some seemed to have lost faith in Nintendo before even playing the Wii U.''

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exfatal1922d ago

unfortantly it won't even though its great news for Nintendo fans. People just rather hear how much the wii U is failing..

Perjoss1922d ago

Tons of people would like to see Nintendo fail for some reason. Unfortunately for them the WiiU will be super successful and will only get better as more 1st party games are released on it. Zelda, Metroid, MarioKart, StarFox (ok, we can dream).

PopRocks3591922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Of course it won't. Many of the users here only ever gravitate toward negative Wii U articles.

"NPD reports good numbers for Nintendo." Nothing.

"Nintendo's numbers not as good as we think." Most popular article of the day.

And this article in particular will fall right in line with that.

EddieNX 1922d ago

There's no news like bad news.

Bad news seems to generate a LOT of hits.

The fact of the matter is , the wiiu is awesome , innovative hardware with a pretty nice launch line up and litteraly near enough INFINITE potential.

But even though it's been out less than 1.5Months globably , people still like to write their doom articles to generate hits.

I sound like a broken record , but you have to give a minimum of a year before you can get a faint idea of how it is doing.

After a year of PS vita , we can safely say it's not selling fast at all. But it's certainly doomed , it could break through the 30M mark in the next 6 years and be a cult console like N64/Gamecube which are two of the best consoles ever imo.

EddieNX 1922d ago

* But it's certainly not doomed *

animegamingnerd1922d ago

i wonder why so many people rather see nintendo fail then succeed

BattleAxe1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

I think that most people on this site are realists, who understand why the WiiU will not be relevant for more that 2 years. Its got nothing to do with being a "fanboy" or wanting to see Nintendo fail, its got everything to do with the timing of the WiiU release and the fact that the tech that Sony and Microsoft are going to show will blow the doors off of the WiiU.

My personal belief is that in the best case scenario, the WiiU will sell somewhere in in the area between the Gamecube (22 Million) and the Nintendo 64 (33 million). The worst case scenario is that the WiiU will be Nintendo's last home console, and will end up in the same position as Sega, but I think that Nintendo will still continue to be very strong in the handheld gaming market.

My memories go way back to the NES, which I still own to this very day. I still try to find games that are in good condition. I've even got a spare 72 Pin connector just in case I ever need to replace the original one. Its amazing that the only home console that Nintendo has made that has surpassed the sales of their original NES from 1983 (62 million) is the Wii. The only problem is that casual gamers or non-gamers that bought the Wii, will more than likely not buy the WiiU.

PopRocks3591922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )


I don't see why you felt the need to reply to my comment with this. I was talking about N4G user perception of Wii U articles, not of Wii U sales.

But I'll play along anyway. I don't see how the Wii U can sell numbers nearly that low now that gaming in general has broadened its audience. At worst it has to sell numbers akin to the PS3.

It's a Nintendo platform; it will appeal to Nintendo fans, children and families. That and supposedly it will be less expensive than the Nextbox and PS4.

"I think that most people on this site are realists, who understand why the WiiU will not be relevant for more that 2 years."

Go back about six years, replace the Wii U with Wii and we'll be painting a very familiar picture.

rainslacker1922d ago

So wait...I'm confused...are sales important? Do you want to play the whole sales game with the "competition". Haven't you been paying attention to the whole thing between Sony and MS over the past 6 years, or especially the last couple of days.

Let it go. Wii U is a good system. Talk up it's merits and forget the haters. I like my Wii U. It's been a lot of fun. I like my PS3, it's been a lot of fun. I don't care if they sell one single system more so long as the games are great.

Outside_ofthe_Box1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

This is definitely good news for Nintendo, but I'm not sure what you want people on N4G do. Come on here and congratulate them? I mean whenever people do that on other articles you here complaints about people being happy about a billion dollar company and high-fiving each other. There is also complaints about acting like shareholders which is true. Articles about stock shouldn't garner much attention in the first place as we are gamers not shareholders. At least the trolling is at a minimum here.

BitbyDeath1922d ago

Well said Rainslacker.

No point on dwelling on the negatives.
Sales should not be important only the games so talk them up.

Just because something sells/doesn't sell doesn't mean anything about the product.

Take Avatar for example, i thought it was plain horrible and that sold a boat load.

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Anon19741922d ago

Far be it for me to rain on this articles parade, but this whole article is bogus.

Nintendo never said they made $300 million in profit on the Wii-U. They said they generated $300 million in revenue compared to $270 million the Wii generated in the same period. That's no surprise, the Wii-U retails for $300 and $350 compared to the $250 launch price of the Wii.

As for the stock price being boosted, does this guy even know what's happening to the Japanese markets? The Tokyo index is up almost 25% since the start of November based on reports the Japanese Government is stepping in to help their banks. All stocks across the entire index have taken an incredible bump!

When you consider the entire market is up 25%, why is Nintendo stock only up 5-6%?

We've got a couple of weeks before Nintendo reveals their quarter figures which include the Wii-U. Perhaps we should wait until the information is actually available before we start making unsubstantiated claims regarding Nintendo's financials.

ElectricKaibutsu1922d ago

I was going to comment about the revenue vs. profit thing. I didn't know about the Japanese stock market. Good info!

Ju1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

LOL. I was wondering who would say that first. Not that I know the details. But there haven't been enough WiiU sold to warrant a $300M profit unless Nintendo has a margin of about 25% on that price (or something, or $100). $300M in profit accounted to the WiiU is mathematical not possible in that short amount of time.

MasterCornholio1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Wow as a business major you have enlightened me with your comments. Unlike the rabid Nintendo fanboys who posted above. Im pretty sure you will get plenty of hate from them.

I would like to add that Nintendo isn´t making any profit off the consoles ( ). They stated a while back that they are selling them at a loss which is the reason why just looking at revenue based on the number of consoles sold is unrealistic.

kneon1922d ago

Why should it get much attention, it's wrong. Nintendo booked $300 million in SALES, not profit. We don't yet know how much, if any profit they've made on the Wii U.

Just wait for the quarterly report before celebrating or ridiculing their profits.

metsgaming1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

that 300 million is sales revenue not profit, VERY different things.

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kevnb1922d ago

the nintendo brand is strong, and as long as they dont get suckered into the game that sony and microsoft are playing they should be fine.

DivineAssault 1922d ago

Lets hope some devs make some unique games for it & not just ports.. Games built to utilize its full potential graphically & playability wise.. E-M rated content for core & casual audiences.. I must admit that i lost faith in them because ive always had to wait years for a masterpiece to be created with each system & im getting tired of the same IPs getting recycled.. Make something new & refreshing to play for all genres

Thatguy-3101922d ago

Honestly people here act like Nintendo dominated past generation. It got lucky last gen for catering to the casuals and releasing the console at such a low price. This time isn't the case so yea the battle will just be against Sony and Microsoft next gen.

Zodiac1922d ago

Lucky or not, they dominated. The Wii was a huge hit, the DS has sold over 150 million units, the 3DS has over 25 million sold, and the Wii U has sold almost 3 million is just over 2 months.

How many more consoles do they need to release before people just recognize that Nintendo knows how to sell their product?

Thatguy-3101922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

As a handheld company I honestly agree that no one can outrun Nintendo. They are THE handheld company however when it comes to consoles they just don't match up. Wii u won't come close to the wii success and till this day will stay as Nintendo most successful console. A lot of ppl think that the wii u will follow the wii success but it simply won't. Like I said Nintendo got lucky last gen seeing how it was the only gen in a while that they outsold their rivals in the console area.

rainslacker1922d ago

From a sales standpoint Nintendo has been on a roll. The Wii itself wasn't a bad system, and it did have a lot of great games on it, but the general perception of it among the community wasn't really what one should consider dominate.

It's really a shame that many great games got overlooked because of Nintendo's decisions on the Wii (Motion control, no HD). Despite their success at retail, they've lost respect among those that call themselves gamers, although I personally always looked more at the games.

ahronith1922d ago

I agree...whats great for me having a Wii U though and having never owned a Wii, is i can now go back and sift through the shovelware and play the gems such as Skyward Sword, Xenoblade Chronicles, Last Story, DKC Returns etc.

specialguest1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

When you're dealing with millions of $ and the entire company on the line, there's no such thing as lucky. When Nintendo created the Wii with a whole different way of gaming, there was a lot of research and development involved. Keep in mind that marketing was part of Nintendo's strategy in making it appeal to a wide range of gamers, traditional and non-traditional. That didn't happen by accident lol.

In terms of sales and profitability, it is a FACT that Nintendo Wii dominated its competition.

animegamingnerd1922d ago

"ignores the fact that the DS is the best selling consol"
"also ignores the fact that 3DS has raping the vita in sells"

TongkatAli1922d ago

Meh, I still played my PSP more then my DS and my Vita doesn't even make me feel the need to get a 3DS. PRICE plays a big part.

Godchild10201922d ago

Am I the only that thinks the Wii sold so well out the gate because it was still in line with the PlayStation 2/GameCube? The transition to it wasn't as big as it was with the PS2 to PS3 and Xbox to Xbox 360. And with the unique controls it made it easier for anyone to get into it and play a game.

The transition was easier and it was an easier choice to pick up a Wii at the time then it is to pick up a Wii U because it's not that far from the PS3 and 360, but far from what the Wii was capable of The price also plays a part.

I guess it might not be as concrete, seeing as how the 360 did compared to the Xbox.

PopRocks3591922d ago

Not really. It was a cheaper platform and the Wii remote had everyone wowed at the time. I don't think it's anymore complex than that.

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