Is Multiplayer Needed In Tomb Raider?

"Multiplayer is becoming a common feature in video games. Even traditionally single-player games like the Tomb Raider series are beginning to adopt multiplayer aspects. Is this a negative fad the gaming industry has thrusted upon the gaming community?"

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Godmars2902075d ago

Expansion of "No": Multiplayer was only added in attempt to extend the game's overall market value. To give it staying power and probably offer a few extra avenues for DLC.

Could actually be considered to be a nice thing they're trying to do for fans, but it still suggest that resources - budget money - that could have gone towards the full SP game went into MP instead.

AAACE52074d ago

Agree... but to elaborate, single player games just don't sell as well. Let's be honest... most gamers today don't play through the same game twice. Which is why the value and popularity of these games drop.

People want more for their money, so adding multiplayer is a natural evolution.

Every developer wants the popularity and sales of games like cod and halo so this will happen to lots of games.

AtomicGerbil2074d ago

This is what is wrong with the industry this generation. They're trying to appeal to the CoD crowd and completely missing the point that most of the CoD crowd only buy CoD and are interested in little else, multiplayer or otherwise.

Godmars2902074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

Which is why more should go into making a game worth playing more than once, but because such is more expensive to do more than money-wise, we get multiplayer instead.

As a mainly advertised SP, this game isn't going to generate more sales, but with MP tacked on the people who bu it might play it longer. Buy the MP DLC as well.

s45gr322074d ago

Hmm not necessarily sleeping dogs and the batman arkham city games say hi Croft is the main character but there is no supporting characters or something tangible for multiplayer..

Root2075d ago


It looks like Uncharted

Uncharted had dynamic events in the maps

Tomb Raider has traps

They are very, very's just sad they would resort to copying directly from another game instead of them trying to be more like the classic TR games.

princejb1342074d ago

the real question is how will it work?

will it be crappy like giving dead space 2 multiplayer and failing badly
or would it be good like giving uncharted multiplayer and been one of the best online games out there

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The story is too old to be commented.