This Generation’s Defining Characters for Each Console

"This generation of game consoles is finally starting to reach the end of its life, with Nintendo already having released their new Wii U console. The expectations are that Microsoft and Sony will at least announce their next generation consoles within the coming months, which means that it is time to start reflecting. "

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prototypeknuckles1892d ago

Nintendo=mario, no duh
Microsoft=masterchief,no duh
Sony=Drake,no duh

personally id rather have

Microsoft=?, maybe kameo

omi25p1892d ago

What would the PC Have? Steve from MineCraft comes to mind.

Allsystemgamer1892d ago

Maybe the brute from amnesia?
A samurai from shogun?
Steve is a good one kudos but its also on 360
A planet side character?

Blackdeath_6631892d ago

Gordon Freeman is a good one

guitarded771892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

The title says "THIS GENERATION". Mario and Master Chief are from gens past. Mario defined the NES, Chief, the XBOX. PC is harder to define, but if you go based on common chip architecture, you'd be better off looking at games like Crysis and Bioshock which while they are both multi-platform games, they got their start on PC and have defining characters. Maybe characters from Warcraft for PC. I think Gordon would probably be from the previous generation... but he would be an obvious pick if we consider him this generation.

PS3 - Sackboy or Nathan Drake
XBOX - Marcus Phoenix
Wii - ? Difficult because the most recognized Wii games have iconc characters from the past as the lead.
PC - ? Difficult, because there is no defined line for a PC generation.

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Y_51501892d ago

Kameo is the reason I almost bought a 360!

Kurt Russell1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Mine was for all the ladies... It has been one in one out since.

pandaboy1892d ago

for playstation is a car from gran turismo smoking pot.

RockmanII71891d ago

I was thinking Kratos for a moment, but I'd have to disagree. Not counting the yet to be released God of War: Ascension there has only been one GoW game on the PS3. Drake has had 3 games with one of them being arguably the best game this generation, he's more deserving.

USMC_POLICE1892d ago

Nintendo link
Xbox Marcus phoenix
Sony Cole or Nathan hale

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b_one1892d ago

it is hard to pick only one face of PS3

Ezz20131892d ago

i was about to say that

ZodTheRipper1892d ago

Yep. Personally, when someone asks me to "name a Playstation character" my first answer is Kratos. Then Drake and then Sackboii. Sony did a good job this gen.

b_one1892d ago

True, Kratos, Drake, Sackboy(ultimate magnet for girls - they love this game)

funny is that i was not a gamer before ps3(Vice City on PC only), just saw GOW3 lets play on YT - instant love, bought ps3, all gow games...

when i saw Uncharted bundle... told myself - wtf is Uncharted never heard of this...same was with Infamous... superb titles.

Cam9771892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

MS: I've no idea, there aren't many.
Sony: SACKBOY, Nate, Kratos or Ratchet.
Nintendo: Link or MARIO.

omi25p1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )


Alan wake
Master Chief
Marcus Fenix


Nathan Drake
Cole Macgrath



Steve from minecraft


John Marston
Commander Shepard
Ezio Auditore da Firenze
Big Daddy
Niko Bellic
Gordon Freeman

Summons751892d ago

For me it's

Master Chief for MS
Link/ mario/ pikachu (or some Pokemon) for Nintendo
Ratchet and Clank/ Jak and Daxter (ps2 gen) Nathan Drake/ Sackboy (ps3 gen) for Sony
Big Daddy/ Isaac Clark/ Dante (original) for Multiplatform games

TheFinalEpisode1892d ago

Quote from the article:"The Super Mario Sunshine games on the Wii took the 3D platformer to a new level after Mario Sunshine provided a lot of more of the same on the Gamecube."

Made me lol

cpayne931892d ago

Not even sure what to make of that statement. I hope this article was google translated, because the grammar is atrocious.

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