Rumour: ONM Wii U Tease Actually Long-Rumoured Acid Ghost

The latest issue of ONM features a tease for a world wide exclusive on a new Wii U game. Could it be the long-rumoured Acid Ghost?

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1upgamer991989d ago

Sounds good to me, I wonder why no 360/PS3 now? Nintendo bought rights?

Kamikaze1351988d ago

Probably because Sony and Microsoft are rumored to be announcing their new consoles this year and it would take away from games sales on the 360/PS3.

sknygy1988d ago

According to the rumour. Nintendo's relationship with Kuju has been strong for years. Kuju have not only made Batallion Wars 1 for the GCN and 2 for the Wii, but also Art Academy for DS and New Art Academy for the 3DS.

Gr811988d ago

Acid ghost? I've never heard of this game?

PopRocks3591988d ago

A rumored mature rated shooter I think. Before E3 I once read a rumor suggesting Eminem was working with Nintendo to write a song for the game. Probably isn't really true since we're only hearing about this now.

DeforMAKulizer1988d ago

If true, then i really hope it is as awesome as it sounds. Like the reverse of a Horror game, ive always wanted that!

EvilFluff911988d ago

This concept sounds amazing, fingers crossed it's true. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.