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Is This The Dream Lineup For The PlayStation 4?

Looking towards the future is a mainstay of the new year and, far from attempting any meaningful new year's resolutions to improve ourselves, we feel much more comfortable aimlessly speculating on the future of the gaming industry. Today we look towards the PS4 and the future of Sony's console hardware but, for all the power Sony have been known to pack into their machines, a decent GPU is nothing without decent games to run. Thus, we must consider what kind of games would best utilise the power of tomorrow. Here is a potential dream team of PS4 games (Next-Gen, PS3)

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Hellsvacancy  +   742d ago
Ill buy a PS4 when theres a game like Fallout 4 or Battlefield 4 (hopefully itll be Bad Company 3 instead)
listenkids  +   742d ago
It's already announced at BF4, a shame, 3 really lacks.
NukaCola  +   742d ago
Well Media Molecule, Geurilla Games and Sucker Punch are making PS4 launch titles, so we are going to get a good line up, plus next gen games like Crysis 3 and Watch Dogs. I think next gen line up will be fine.
BertlSenix  +   742d ago
BF3 is just the best Shooter of this Gen

Ultra Settings,64 Players,a Next Gen Engine and all the nice stuff you need for a game in this year.
BF4 will be even superior.

Of course only on PC but people shouldn't expect 7 year old hardware to run a game that is made to push PCs to its core.
Not everyone is in need to downgrade for the 360 cause PC People buy their games if they are good*cough* CoD garbage*cough*
ZigZagZach  +   742d ago
@NukaCola Sucker Punch definitely is, they've been so quiet. Guerilla Games is also hardly debatable, but Media Molecule? I'll believe that one when I see it.
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jeseth  +   742d ago
I would piss myself if the next MGS game was a launch title.
listenkids  +   741d ago
I like the disagrees from 3 fans, but deny all you want - its no bf2 or bad company 2 for that matter, style over substance. Gameplay > graphics, I'm looking at you too crysis.
Aceman18  +   742d ago
i buy consoles for their exclusives 3rd party games are just a bonus for me. out of this list i don't think we'll see a Uncharted 4 since ND usually only make 3 main story games per franchise.

i think they'll either continue last of us, or create a brand new franchise.

but from this list if they release just two of the games i'm good.
MikeMyers  +   742d ago
It's a dream line-up. That's why I feel the Wii U line-up wasn't exactly stellar for me. I wanted a new Mario game like Mario Galaxy of N64, not a side-scroller. Having Pikmin 3 as well would have been better too. That's why I hope the PS4 has at least 2 must have games. The PS3 launch was quite weak as well with Resistance being the main exclusive.

1. Gran Tursimo
2. The people behind Infamous making a new ip.
3. A new Killzone would be cool
4. A new JRPG that really showcases next gen
5. A new Madden game with an all new engine.
6. Sports Champions 3
7. PGA Golf from EA
8. A new Call of Duty with an all new engine
9. New game from Bioware
10. Beyond Good and Evil 2

That would be a good selection to me.
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SolidStoner  +   742d ago
(PS4) I look forward to

next Gran turismo
Naughty dog titles
guerrilla games titles
something like Heavy rain
new Fallout
new battlefield
new cod engine
GTA games (and similar made by other developers)
Hitman games
and some old school style hardcore strategy games (like C&Q Generals Zero Hour etc.) ....

some new controller (like mouse for PC) would be very welcome!

I would be very happy with this!

EDIT: I forgot about - Syphon Filter and Motorstorm (it was fun and on PS4 that could be just amazing). I left out so many excellent titles, but there are so many of them I just cant remember them all..... I want that new black console now! :)
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Raoh  +   742d ago
meh, I'll get fallout etc for the PC. I want exclusives
NewVegasTroop  +   742d ago
if PS4 has fallout 4 and killzone 4, i would not wait for a price drop to get it
AngelicIceDiamond  +   742d ago
Hope you realize there's gonna be way more anticipated games for the PS4 than just Battlefield and Fall Out right? Santa Monica's new Ip, Sucker Punches New Ip, UE4, Killzone 4, GT6. Sony could have opened up a brand new studio for some fresh Ip's also.
showtimefolks  +   742d ago
Killzone 4 as a launch title is a safe bet

sony will show Uncharted 4 or next uncharted for ps4 at E3, could it come out in fall 2013 with system yes, but it could also be a 2014 title

New SCE Santa Monica Game: is also a safe bet as it seems its been in development for a while. also let's not forget SM are helping with the last guardian so there is a real chance IMO that sony will show TLG at E3

starhawk-warhawk 2 isn't happening, atleast not at launch.

GT6 wiill be shown at E3 and most likely come out in 2013 or 2014

QD's next game sounds great but the only way i see sony showing that is if beyond 2 souls come out before E3. if beyond 2 souls is a fall title than sony will not talk about QD's next game.(also i believe sony will buy QD in 2013)

MGS or ground zeroes will be shown but will ground zeroes be for current consoles or next gen or both? anything from from kojima about MGS and i am very interested, though chances for the game to come out in 2013 are very slim. most likely 2014

beyond good and evil 2 could be a very interesting game

what about sucker punch new game or infamous 3

what about getaway 3 or a reboot of getaway series

or have we consider the fact that sony could buy some of the THQ's IPs?

E3 is gonna be a lot of fun. one thing though Nintendo needs to really show up, otherwise wii-u will be a forgotten device. at E3 they need to bring games and a lot of games
remanutd55  +   742d ago
no Motorstorm no dream line up for me so no thats not even close to be a dream ps4 launch line up and that list is very unrealistic as well i dont think sony will release Killzone4, starhawk 2, uncharted 4 and gran turismo 6 at the same time, i just dont see that happening.
M-M  +   742d ago
Warhawk 2. You said dream :P.
360ICE  +   742d ago
I think we'll have to wait a little for that one, but it'd be awesome.
solidt12  +   742d ago
new ip. new ip
araman  +   742d ago
New IP is good, but you need to have some heavy hitters people recognize as well, that moves systems better.
BertlSenix  +   742d ago
Glad this is Sony
Guerialla Games,Santa Monica Studios and a few others are already working on new Next Gen IPs besides their recognized and well established IPs.

This is why Sony and the Sony Community are the LAST REAL GAMERS LEFT.
On the other side you have CoD DLC and the REALLY LAST TRILOGY of Failo and Gears....for the next 7 years...again =)
Conzul  +   742d ago
Now now, Halo and Gears and Forza are all good games. If you wanna get on M$'s case, get on them for the games they *haven't* made - not the ones there are. The existing XBox exclusives are just fine. The thing is just that there are too few.

Unless you're trolling...I'm not sure in this case, since I'm only just learning to speak troll.
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Max-Zorin  +   742d ago
Last real gamers? I thought real gamers play them all.
Jadedz  +   742d ago
Let me Try;
The Last Guardian
Syphon Filter
The Legend of Dragoon
Beyond the Beyond
Ape Escape (the PS2 type, not the most recent one)
Arc The Lad
Armored Core
Battle Arena Toshinden
Cool Boarders
Dragon Valor
Ultr  +   742d ago
Wow been quite a while since I last heard about Dragon Valor. Loved that game on Playstation.
I remember it to this day.
Very special
andshesays  +   742d ago
Im so happy because you mentioned

BEYOND GOOD & EVIL 2 - the reason I bought the ps3, ive bought hardly any games this gen, because all I wanted was BGE2 and Prince of Persia
Yangus  +   742d ago
Yes, its a the dream lineup, only dream..

GT6 ps4 game, but 100% not launch lineup.
akaakaaka  +   742d ago
I belive Motorn Storn, the new Guerrilla Games IP and a new LBP plus multiplataform will do the job and be amazingly good enoug for 2013..(add 3 moves only games)

And next 2014 fallowed by GT6 prologue, Last Guardian, Resistance 4, the new Santa Monica ip, new Siren team IP, new Sucker Pounch IP and few move games and that company psn game.

2015 TLOU2, Killzone 4, GOW4, M&M new ip, new ip from HR devs, more move games, another Motorb Storm, a new Socom online only

2016 GT6, SP new ip part 2, GG new IP part 2, SM new ip part 2, a new r&c, that game company new ip psn, more move games.

We will also see all Sony online mmo to be on the PS4, maybe a new ip from dsvid cage or he may be doin Socom, Siphon F., Jrps, more Yakuza or a new ip from the same devs, maybe a exclusive new ip from ubisoft on the first year move only, a new jack and Dexter and a couple new exclusive RPG and why not demon soul's 2.
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Conzul  +   742d ago
I doubt TLoU will get a sequel. Not that I'd shun it if it came to be, but I get the feeling it'll be a one-shot.
Igor89  +   742d ago
Another painfully linear Uncharted I won't buy,that's for sure.
stage88  +   742d ago
Another trolling and ignorant comment from Igor89 I won't buy, that's for sure.
Conzul  +   742d ago
Whatever you do, never read any books. Word is, they're PAINFULLY LINEAR.
Picnic  +   741d ago
What a meaningless comment. When people play videogames they don't necessarily want the same linear structure that they get in a book.
Even in a light gun game people like to see branches that they can choose from.
Y_5150  +   742d ago
I need a new inFAMOUS game. I don't need a new Uncharted right now but a new one will get me excited for it.Parappa 3 ! has to happen!
Conzul  +   742d ago
Oh man I agree! I don't think I can ever get enough of inFamous.

It needs to grow up a little though. They need to stop color coding the moral dilemmas so that people always know which one is "good" and which one is "bad". Can you imagine how deep that would make your choice path? That would be so neat...
Pintheshadows  +   742d ago
I agree. They should give us some more grey area to play with and make the morality system more organic. I still oddly think that the Infamous universe as it is would make for an excellent MMO lite. I'm not saying they should do it, I just think it would work.
CaptainSheep  +   742d ago
PERSONA 5! PERSONA 5! PERSONA 5! (I'm sure it's getting released on the PS3, though :P)
BitbyDeath  +   742d ago
"While we're on the topic of Starhawk and Warhawk collaborators SCE Santa Monica, the grapevine would have us believe that a sequel to Warhawk or Starhawk could be making its way to Sony's next home console."

I must've missed this, that'd be huge.
KingofGambling  +   742d ago
Maybe they could bring back The Getaway and Eight Days.
ShabbaRanks  +   742d ago
Pintheshadows  +   742d ago
My personal 'wishlist' would be as follows.

Motorstorm World Tour. A Motorstorm greatest hits if you will featuring a collection of the best tracks from the previous titles reimagined and a load of new ones as well. It would also feature real time destructible environments which would in turn open new routes on the track, ie; smash through a building in a monster truck and it would create a new route. Oh, and after you complete it you get a new vehicle type, the Pirahna from Wipeout.

Guerilla's rumoured fantasy action game. As much as I like the Killzone IP I want to see Guerilla tackle something different. I think this would be a good oppurtunity for a new IP from them as due to it being a launch title it would attract alot of early adopters. It would be cool if it was in a similar vein to Thief or Dishonored.

An action RPG developed by Sony Santa Monica with God of War style combat. I have no reason to believe this will happen but I feel that Sony needs a strong RPG IP and I believe SSM could deliver it.

Syphon Filter developed by Ready At Dawn. Rather than Uncharted or Eight Days. Not a direct sequel but a reimaining. It has been too long sice we've seen a console title in this franchise. It has the potential to be mind blowingly good.

The Last Guardian updated and beautiful for PS4.

The Getaway 3 returns with a noir undertone.

A new Medieval game developed by Sucker Punch. An open world title in this universe would be awesome.

You may notice i've gone for alot of new and absent from this gen IP's. Rather than a negative I think releasing new IP's for new consoles is a good thing. Any early adopters will have a fairly limited choice so if the game looks and sounds good I think they'll be more likely to take a gamble on it than the would later on. It would also allow for the developers to see what works and what doesn't early on in terms of their new ideas. Killzone 4, Uncharted, Resistance 4, GT6 can wait until further into The Next Generation (Star Trek reference intentional).
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dafegamer  +   742d ago
The legend of dragoon 2. This is my safest bet that we'll see it on ps4
djs  +   742d ago
Give us Gran Turismo 6 and you'll see what happens...
NBT91  +   742d ago
1.) Naughty Dog make a new Crash Bandicoot platformer. I suspect we will get a new Uncharted game instead though but yeah, it's my wish list, get your own! =P

2.) PS All Stars 2 or a new IP from Superbot Ent.

3.) Tekken. Just a new Tekken, because I love it.

4.) RIIIIIDGE RACER! Because what would a new PS launch be without a new RR? And because RR has always been a hit or miss series but when it's good, it's so much fun!

5.) Ratchet And Clank. A visual showstopper as always. Since ToD launched the visuals haven't changed one bit across this entire gen and to be honest they didn't really need to because the first one got the visuals down so perfectly that the series STILL looks fantastic. Interested to see what Insomniac do with it next gen and to be honest the series is in need of a bit of a reboot, got the impression Imsomniac ran out of ideas and tried to throw Co-op and multiplayer into it for the sake of it recently... Not cool bros, just a solid single player thank you!

6.) Killzone. Not just for the graphics, they finally got the hang of online multiplayer and with some tweaks, new maps and visuals it could be - pardon the phrase- "The Halo Killer!" ( bet you haven't heard that in a while, eh? :P)

7.) Kingdom Hearts Thr--- Nope. Not going to go there. Not even in my dream list. (Yes I realise the irony of that sentence given the series turn into sleep and dreams, unintended!) Although... I mean I don't know. SE have been awfully quiet about it. And the end of DDD DID hint that the next one will be KH3.

Any of those on day one and I will buy it for sure. But even if not, just some good games generally will suffice lol
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Dungus  +   741d ago
Looks like a PS2 dream lineup.
the worst  +   742d ago
New Warhawk
heavily Sword 2
Killzone 4
Socom 5
chukamachine  +   742d ago
Motorstorm 4 please with cockpits and damage.

Still some of the best racing and tracks.



jizzyjones  +   742d ago
BF4, GT6 and a new ip would b enough for me
PS4isKing_82  +   742d ago
klonoa 3
ssx sequel to last year's reboot
madden 2014
jak and daxter 4
call of duty modern warfare 4
ridge racer 8
final fantasy X HD
Dasteru  +   742d ago
Just have Dark cloud 3 and a prequel to Legend of dragoon ready for launch and i'll be first in line at Bestbuy waiting for the doors to open.
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Rhezin  +   742d ago
I thought the studio that made Warhawk/Starhawk closed? And that Starhawk would the be the last in the franchise..
BitbyDeath  +   742d ago
Sony still owns the IP so they could pass it off to Santa Monica studios who collaborated with Lightbox/Incognito on Warhawk & Starhawk
Max-Zorin  +   742d ago
I would love to see another Syphon Filter.
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Father Murder X  +   742d ago
Why would Sony want to develop sequels to games that flopped hard on the Ps3? Killzone 3 was a horrible flop and no one bought Starhawk. I don't get the fanboy logic. I look at the list and see pretty good games for the most part. But I absolutely don't see anything that will sell the ps4. For all their exclusives they lack that absolutely must have title that the other guys seem to have. Again not saying that the rumored games are bad but no one outside of the Sony Fanboy will buy a Ps4 for Killzone 4 or Starhawk. These are the kind of games (like most Sony exclusives) that you would pick up if you already have a Ps3/Ps4. Disagree all you want to but you know that I am telling the truth.
Zechs34  +   742d ago
What truth? That you're trying to pass off your opinions and beliefs as fact? No.

A game doesn't need to sell millions of copies to be considered either a flop or success. Just like movies, some game cost way less to make and market than all the blockbusters we get. Starhawk is one of those games.

Sony has both quality and quantity when speaking of the exclusive lineup. And games like God of War or Gran Turismo or Uncharted can go to toe to toe with Gears, Halo, and Forza.

It's not fanboy logic. It's just common sense. You might not see anything that will sell YOU a PS4, but for me there is plenty.
jakmckratos  +   742d ago
I expect to see Killzone 4 definitely. Perhaps a new LBP or Media Molecule's newest project will be in the launch as well. Id really love if Media Molecule would do a creature capture in but their own creative spin on it so it doesnt seem quite like pokemon
violents  +   742d ago
half of his games are for sure going to happen, launch i dont know but it would be awsome to not have to wait for like 4 or 5 years for a gran turismo this time.

My list.

Gran turismo 6
starwars 1313
metal gear 5
something from sony santa monica(more GOW is always cool but something new would be nice too)
A new elder scrolls(as long as its not buggy as hell)
something from suckerpunch
Next gen GTA!!!

After that everything else is bonus for me.

And why do people keep saying Metal gear ground zeros? Its supposed to be on ps3 and 360.
TooTall19  +   742d ago
Dark Cloud 3
Killzone 4
The Getaway 3
sdplisken  +   742d ago
The Last Guardian already!!!!!
at least give us some hope!
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