DmC: Devil May Cry | Guardian review

DmC remains a fantastic, refreshing effort that even the early naysayers will enjoy immensely.

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Elda1891d ago

Good to keep seeing good reviews!!

zerocrossing1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Im all for games getting good reviews but only when the game deserves it.

Considering all the high scores and praises DmC is getting, it's pretty evident if not bloody obvious that these reviews aren't completely honest, if they were then their would be some criticisms being made about the game at the very least.

Elda1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

I'm sorry to say but I've seen a slew of GAMES & movies that I ABSOLUTELY have NO INTEREST in get highly praised & good reviews,it doesn't mean that I have the credibility to say it sucks or it's bad until I've played the ENTIRE game or watched the movie.I would never tell anyone "don't play or watch something" because I don't have any interest in it or haven't played or watched something,in all REALITY it just doesn't make any sense.

torchic1891d ago

where do you come off claiming these reviews aren't completely honest?

get out of here.

AsimLeonheart1891d ago

I agree with you. None of the reviews talk about the game objectively. Most of these sites dont know a jack about what aspects to evaluate in a technical/hardcore hack and slash title like DMC. Do these reviewers even know about jump cancelling, just-frame timings, parrying, counters, invincibility frames and many other such terms that DMC veterans are familiar with? These reviewers lack necessary knowledge to review and judge the game. That is why their reviews are invalid and untrustworthy. The current high reviews scores are just a reaction to the hate the game has been getting. Everybody wants to act all open-minded and accepting of change. They want to give Ninja Theory a chance and dont want to criticize the game and look like a "hater/anti".

AusRogo1891d ago

It's not just the new Dante that ruins it for me, the gameplay is too easy/slow. I'm not on the hate bandwagon or whatever, I've played and own the others but I'm not a huge dmc fan. I can see where dmc vets are coming from. Tried the demo, but I'll rent this. But I dont think I'll like it. Though I'm sure a lot of people will and that's fine :)

BXbomber1891d ago

haterz gonna hate, buying day 1. ya bitching and moaning ain't gonna change the fact that this dmc is here to stay.

NeXXXuS1891d ago

i'm still not buying even with the good reviews. not listening to the fan's concerns or opinions is a bad move on their part.

Blacktric1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

"ya bitching and moaning ain't gonna change the fact that this dmc is here to stay."

80k~ preorder numbers for 360 and PS3 suggests (that is if you trust the VGChartz) that it's not here to stay. It won't sell more than 1 million copies that's for sure. Also Guardian never was a trustworthy site. Far, far from it. So you can just drop the "another trustworthy site gave it a good score" act. And it being a UK based newspaper doesn't help either since NT is a UK based studio and most of the early reviews were from UK based media outlets...

zerocrossing1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Seriously now, really how is this game getting good scores from all these major review sites? I mean for goodness sake... OK, DmC is not that great a game to be beyond criticism.

Poor voice acting, glitches and buggy, 30 fps downgrade, choppy animation, simplified combat. Immature dialogue, well you get the point, DmC is by no means perfect so why the free ride?.

Even if you're a fan you have to admit it's really odd right? great scores no criticism at all for its short comings? Its unheard of.

Whitefox7891891d ago

It's even more scary that at this rate, it'll succeed past the scores given to DMC3 SE, doesn't that translate to that DmC Devil May Cry is the superior game?

zerocrossing1891d ago

It truly is... You know I don't care what anyone says, Im certain something really odd is going on here.

There is absolutely no way in hell that DmC is a better game than DMC3 SE.

GSpartan7771891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Because even though the game carries the name Devil May Cry and is always compared to the preview installments, it is being reviewed as a stand-alone action-adventure game. If you look at it from that perspective, then DmC is a good game. It is well paced, despite the bad story, and in terms of combat it's possibly the best action adventure game to come out since Darksiders 2 in August last year.

On the other hand, I cannot help feel that it's also unfair to give it a free pass for some things. Why did the press spend so much time comparing it to past iterations and trying to convince us and defend it that it's better than all previous DMC games, but then give it a pass for a mediocre story with a bad ending, which many of us were led to believe it would be much better because Ninja Theory supposedly equal great story. Lack of epic Dante vs. Nelo Angelo/Vergil moments and disappointing boss fights. Linear game. No Bloody Palace included as of yet, which at this point there should be no excuse for the game not including it at launch. And the combat, which funny enough is possibly the strongest point of this game, while certainly not bad by any means, falls below DMC3 and 4. The soft lock-on also becomes a problem at times with large groups of enemies.

But the game is overall good. Definitely worth the money. It really comes down to where you stand with this game as a fan of the action adventure series and/or a DMC fan.

GSpartan7771891d ago

Also, street date has been broken. If you are lucky, your local game store might have been selling them earlier.

deadfrag1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

People already know you dont want to like the game in anyway EVEN WITHOUTH PLAYING IT so just dont post on the DMC reviews.You and a bunch of whinnys are disgusting.

SAE1891d ago

it doesn't look or play that good to be 9/10 ..

i never trust a review . i only bring reviews to my little brother so he get excited and buy games instead of me xD .

seriously. what the hell is wrong with gaming now. DmC get 9/10 !! we all played the demo . it doesnt deserve this kind of rate. it's obvious that it deserve 8/10 or less because it looks and plays as a normal game. wwhat's special in this game to deserve it ?..

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