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Jadedz1926d ago

It's possible to make a shooter on the 3DS because of its Gyroscope feature (Resident Evil: Revelations), though I can understand people wanting two actual control sticks.

PopRocks3591925d ago

Agreed. I prefer gyro controls in Revelations myself, but I completely understand the need for that second nub.

EddieNX 1925d ago

Snake eater and Revelations when put in FPS aim mode both prove you could have awesome looking FPS' on 3DS. What's detering Dev's is only one circle pad. They should take a leaf out of metroid prime hunters book and use the stylus as default. With an A,B,X,Y aim option or CPP.

EddieNX 1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Double post.

Venox20081925d ago

I'm OK with touch screen aiming, like in Metroid Prime:hunters and gyroscope or\with accelometer optional