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How Limited is Your Limited Edition?

MasonicGamer.com: When it comes to video games and memorabilia I’m a collector. Like many others I’ve been attracted to the Limited Editions, Collector’s Editions or just the ultra-rare since the first day I was able to earn an income for myself. Whether it’s my favourite franchises from today or re-capturing the days of my youth, I can’t help but jump at the opportunity to add something cool to my collection. I can’t quite remember if I’ve went on this tangent before as it is a touchy subject with me, but here we go anyway!

It seems these days I lean towards the ebay auctions and local buy and sells to find the oldies and rarities of yesteryear than lining up at the local game shop to get my hands on the latest and greatest shiney edition. There are however, those select games that come out that I say “oh yeah, gotta get that LE/CE.” (Culture, Halo 4, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Intentions  +   808d ago
Nothing is "limited"
Nyxus  +   808d ago
Everything is limited, the question is how limited?
Take the top selling game for example.

Not so limited. All limited additions are still available. Ha fooled by marketing again!
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sarshelyam  +   808d ago

You reference Black Ops II? Did you bother to even look at that link you posted. Every Hardened or Care Package Edition is now being sold through (not by) Amazon via third party sellers, and at a premium well beyond the original MSRP's.

The average Hardened Edition is selling well over $20 more than the original MSRP, while the average Care Package Edition is selling at more than $100 over the MSRP.

You just made Nyxus' point more relevant. The bottom line is that Limited Edition's may certainly be available, but when they've moved from the hands of the legitimate retailer, into this after-market/grey-market territory, they're bolstered as Limited and their valuation skyrockets.
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Incipio  +   807d ago
@ abigailmark2


On point:

LE/CE editions don't sell very well so it simply always seems like there's a lot because there's a lot on hand at stores. And when stores get annoyed that they're not selling well, they move them off the sales floor and they go to online retailers.
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jon1234  +   807d ago
i just made $1500 dollars by working at........

haha jk!

but any heres jerry seinfelds joke on limited edition things

"I like the names they have for cars. Like, no baron has ever owned a LeBaron. Or the Ford LTD. "LTD." Limited. It's a "limited" edition...what did they make, fifty million of those? "Yes, it's 'limited' to the number we can sell."
Perjoss  +   807d ago
@ abigailmark2

You Capcom DLC department employees need to stop coming in here and boasting like that.
TekoIie  +   808d ago
My username is limited to one N4G user :3
Starbucks_Fan  +   808d ago
I'm pretty sure my Gameboy Micro Famicon edition damn limited
SilentNegotiator  +   808d ago
So everything is infinite?
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   807d ago
I always refer to Seinfeld's joke he says about something being limited.
dboyc310  +   807d ago
I honestly would KILL for a Uncharted 2 dagger. Honestly would have liked if they made the CE more easy to get like purchase at a reasonable price. But I guess that's what makes it more special.
Root  +   808d ago
That Phurba Dagger....damn

ND really should of sold them, I would of paid for it.
ginsunuva  +   807d ago
I know I want one so bad. But it's expensive to make. And I guess actually limiting it makes it all the more special.
*looks on ebay*
nirwanda  +   808d ago
I love my limited edition bioshock with the big daddy figure, and my limited edition oblivion but most of them aint worth the extra money.
majiebeast  +   808d ago
For me its not really about how limited it is, i just love the stuff that comes with the game's. I bought skyward sword mainly for the gold painted wiimote.

I still love the Helghast cloaker figurine that came with the Killzone 3 helghast edition its so detailed. Same for the infamous 2 hero edition and halo reach legendary edition all worth their money. Others like the batman AA and god of war 3 goodies were badly made. The uncharted 3 drake statue also looks incredibly bad but the belt buckle,ring and box look amazing.
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Hassassin  +   808d ago
yep, I agree... I'll only buy it if it has quality and looks awesome. But its always a plus to know it's a limited edition, you feel the items are more special than just cool looking paperweights.
MsmackyM  +   808d ago
Well the Metroid Prime Trilogy: Collectors Edition was extremely limited.
Roccetarius  +   808d ago
I honestly don't see the appeal of limited editions. The only ones i have is from automatically upgraded pre-orders.

Most of the time it's just stuff that gathers dust on a shelf, or it's some content you won't be needing.
admiralvic  +   808d ago
Well this can really be said of any collectible on the market and is really just based off the person. Like plenty of people collect vinyl toys (like what Kidrobot sells), yet they're nothing more than stuff to display with no practical use. Same with any figure, picture, or anything remotely similar to this stuff.

For me the appeal is buying something to show my love for the game / character. Like I really like Monster Hunter, so I have the Monster Hunter Male Hunter Nendoroid next to my TV. Everyone is a little different and thankfully so is every collectors edition. For instance the inFAMOUS 2 Hero Edition included a completely usable (and pretty awesome if I say so myself) backpack, Uncharted 3 came with a belt buckle and plenty of games came with special / unique controllers.
PirateThom  +   808d ago
It's a marketing term.

The only real limited edition game I own is the Metal Gear Solid 4 European Limited Edition due to its sheer limited number of retailers and a set production number.

I have a variety of others like InFamous 2, which I'm sure someone could pick up somewhere.

I also saw the Gran Turismo 5 Signature Editon for sale, new, very recently.
admiralvic  +   808d ago
It is, but at the same time it isn't.

You can't legally call anything a limited edition without first establishing the edition size. Here is an example of this happening in Japan ( http://operationrainfall.co... so the terms DO mean something.

Just because you can in THEORY find a copy, it doesn't instantly make the game common or easy to find. A few months ago I saw a sealed boxed Littlebigplanet 2 Collectors Edition (with the plush / bookends) at Kmart for $50 dollars. Just because they're still in the wild, doesn't really mean much of everything. Several people reported finding Dark Souls first run editions 6+ months after release, my local Toys R Us still has a Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition for $150 dollars. Just because there are exceptions, it doesn't exactly prove your point.
PirateThom  +   808d ago
It kind of does though.... most "limited editions" are readily available due to the sheer number produced. The term "collector's edition" and "limited edition" seem to be being used interchangeably at the moment, that's all I'm saying.
rainslacker  +   808d ago
Collector's Edition is usually a more appropriate word to use for most of what's released as a "limited edition" nowadays. However limited edition makes it sound like it's better because it's something special that won't be around forever. Nowadays there really aren't that many true "limited editions", and being a collector I really look to see which ones are limited before buying them day one. More often than not you can get them for over half off within a month or two. I'm still kicking myself for missing out on the Ni No Kuni one.:(
Fatty  +   808d ago
I've got one of the Dead Space Ultra Limited Editions, and given they only made 1000 of them, I'd say that's pretty limited. Also got one of only a couple thousand Kingdom of Amalur LEs, so that one wasn't overproduced. Also got a Borderlands 2 Loot Chest for the PC, which is pretty sweet.
Thepcz  +   808d ago
too much talking
what the article needed was a list of limited edition games that are actually limited, and those that are simply widely available in the millions.

lets be honest, the limited edition is mostly a money making con to make people buy at a premium price. they probably sell more limited edition dvds and games than they do mars bars.

its all about how the customer perceives a products value. marketers simply take advantage of the fact that most people want 'the best'
Ddouble  +   808d ago
It seems they only made a small amount of the Ni No Kuni Wizards Edition because Amazon UK stopped taking orders some time ago.

I'm glad I got my preorder in
xtremexx  +   808d ago
my limited is so limited i had to put a limit on how limited it was. GOML
cleverusername  +   808d ago
I sold just the extras I got with Far Cry 3 Insane Edition for double what the whole thing cost me! Insanity!!
hazelamy  +   808d ago
if i buy a limited edition, and i have a few times, it's not because it's limited, it's all to do with how cool i think the extras you get with it are.

if you're buying these things as investments, you're probably wasting your time, these days limited most probably means hundreds of thousands.

i'd love the Tomb Raider limited edition pack, but that's because i want that Lara Croft figure, and the game of course. ^_^

oh and the Ni No Kuni LE, the book looks cool and that Drippy plush would look great next to my Totoro plush.
i'd love to get a catbus plush.

oh my god, i just looked on amazon, they do the cutest catbus hat.

went off on a bit of a tangent there.

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zgoldenlionz  +   808d ago
I'd love a Catbus plush as well, I bought a totoro plush for my kids and within minutes the ripped off the leaf sitting on top totoros head so I decided to move it out of reach.
rainslacker  +   808d ago
I agree. If your going to collect, collect because you love it. I've brought quite a few this past year that had game character figurines in them, but currently I don't have a place to display them.:( Most were brought at about half price or less and were readily available to find without much effort.

It is possible to make a return on investment, but it would be better juts to invest that money in things that would return you more without as much work. For the most part it can take a while to return a significant amount on a collectors edition.

The most annoying thing nowadays is the inclusion of digital content as a major part of some packages. Seriously, how do you collect ones and zeros.
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zgoldenlionz  +   808d ago
The only CE I bought in recent years are ME3 and persona 4 golden, both that I'm happy with ME3 DLC made it worth it and the custom accessories for my vita were pretty cool too.
ziggurcat  +   808d ago
the only thing limited editions do is limit the amount of space availlable in your home.

the only limited edition i ever got was the dark souls version, only because it cost the same as the regular retail, and it was a huge disappointment. the book that came with it had half of its pages glued together, it was poorly bound, and the music soundtrack wasn't really worth it, either.

none of this garbage is worth the extra money, honestly.
manitobawpg  +   808d ago
i want to get that super mario bros all stars for the wii but cannot find it anywhere except online for around 100.00
GamerElite  +   808d ago
another intriguing article brought to you by n4g
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   808d ago
Yeah, I don't actually care if it's 'limited' in quantity. I buy 'em based on whether I want what's inside. IE. Skyrim's Le, MGS collection, zoe collection, dark souls, DIablo 3 etc. I got all of them because;

a)They all had artbooks, and I'm a huge fan of artbooks.
b)They looked cool.

In skyrim's case, I got an awesome PVC, making of video etc.
Dark souls came with a cool tin, soundtrack among other things.
The Zoe and MGS collections both had artbooks and (zoe had an awesome remix soundtrack).

I think the Diablo 3 one, however, was my favourite from packaging to content inside it was awesome although the game wasn't that good. lol
OmniSlashPT  +   808d ago
I have an Uncharted 2 limited edition signed by Justin Richmond and Arne Meyer...I have all kinds of limited editions (from infamous to killzone, uncharted, skyrim, AC, ME, GT, GoW, FFXIII, etc...) but this one is probably my most valuable one (as it's kinda of unique). Eventhough I have numbered editions like the Deus Ex and Naruto ones, this Uncharted 2 is my gold gem (I also have the first uncharted signed as well).
FlyingFoxy  +   808d ago
I used to own a Sam Coupe computer until i moved house and it went missing, along with my mega drive, amiga 1200 and super nintendo and all their games..

I checked ebay not long ago and apparently Sam Coupes are very sought after, they sell as high as £500+ i am pretty pissed off.
CrescentFang  +   808d ago
Real limited/collector's edition of games are handled very poorly by most companies and I only only really get them from Atlus, Xseed or NISA.
Hands down the best limited/collector's editions were done by Working Designs.
The rarest item I have isn't even a collector's edition, it's just an English copy of Ever17 for the PC.
DivineAssault  +   808d ago
i really REALLY wanted that dagger from UC 2 CE but there was no way for me to get my hands on it w/o over paying.. Its ok tho, i have a few rare gems that are worth a decent amount stored for the day i wanna sell em
Avalanche  +   808d ago
Pretty hppy to say that i have one of the Uncharted Fortune Hunter Editions :-)
OllieBoy  +   808d ago
I'm luckily enough to own an Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunter's Edition. Won it from the subway "fiery footlong" contest in 2010.

Only 200 in the world...still can't believe I won it.
banjadude  +   807d ago
Lucky you.

Also (in reference to your avatar) isn't the survival edition of Fallout 3 (exclusive to Amazon) pretty rare/limited, too? I've been searching for that for awhile, and I can't find it...
Lucreto  +   808d ago
You really can't tell how limited something is.

I thought the Skyrim one would be fairly limited but they are still selling them.

Ni no Kuni Wizard Edition are all gone for nearly 2 months and nearly $300 on ebay.
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boybato  +   807d ago
what i know is that most of my EA "limited Editions" are not. (ie. crysis limited edition etc.)
TBONEJF  +   807d ago
The only limited game I've bought is GTA IV why because it came with a safety deposit box key chain. good place to hide personal belongings or my money. I would never buy anything unless it's a RARE item that goes for high value
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feeter  +   807d ago
Nothing made buy a company is limited... even if they have a certain # made (they make some for replacements so they usually make like 10% extra) they can always reprint it or make more no law against it(will piss some customers off and make others happy, has happened with Stars Wars collectibles)... the only things that have a true limit are ones made by Governments(U.S. coins can only be made that year and that is it by law, im guessing other countries do that too)... so dont buy them for $ sake get them cause you will use them or just like them cause its from a game you like
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banjadude  +   807d ago
Oh God... I'm such a sucker for Limited/Collectors/Special Editions. Lately though, I've been extra enticed by [physical] preorder bonuses.

I swear... if I actually took the time to calculate how much coin I put down for my video games.... *oooo* getting light-headed.
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